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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What color lights are seen in the haunted house, reportedly?
(a) green
(b) blue
(c) yellow
(d) red

2. Before the trial, does any of the town gossip speculate that Muff Potter is innocent?
(a) Yes, a few people won't believe that Muff is a killer.
(b) Yes, a large number of people are skeptical that Muff is a murderer.
(c) No, but many people find it hard to believe Muff is a murderer.
(d) No, everyone in town thinks Muff is a murderer.

3. What does Huck say he'd do with treasure?
(a) give it to his father
(b) save it to live on
(c) buy pie and soda every day
(d) run away to Europe

4. What reason does Tom give Becky for his shout, when he sees Injun Joe?
(a) He says he was scared by a bat.
(b) He says he thought he saw a searcher.
(c) He says he shouted for luck.
(d) He says he wanted to hear the echo.

5. What is the title of the first-prize composition?
(a) Is this, then, Life?
(b) A Missouri Maiden's Farewell to Alabama
(c) The Advantages of Culture
(d) A Vision

Short Answer Questions

1. Who takes care of Huck when he's ill?

2. How did the boys get to shore from their island?

3. What does Tom and Huck's treasure lead local men to do?

4. When does Mrs. Thatcher find out that Becky's not where she's supposed to be?

5. Where does Joe tell his partner he plans on running after the "dangerous" job?

Short Essay Questions

1. What evidence of Becky and Tom do the searchers find in the cave?

2. How does Tom treat Amy Lawrence when he comes back to school?

3. What happens during Tom's speech on examination day?

4. Describe the Spaniard.

5. What is Tom's prior experience with the boy he saw Becky with?

6. Describe Huck's reaction to living with the Widow Douglas.

7. What is Tom's approach to finding buried treasure?

8. What happens to Tom and Huck's treasure?

9. Describe what happens in the courtroom during Tom's testimony.

10. What happens at the Fourth of July celebration?

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