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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What game does Tom play with Joe Harper?
(a) Robin Hood
(b) Cowboys and Indians
(c) Civil War
(d) King of the Hill

2. What do the men fight over?
(a) money
(b) who is doing the most work
(c) how long their task is taking
(d) if the doctor will turn them in

3. What does Tom say will happen if the boys break their pact?
(a) They will never be friends again.
(b) They will drop down dead.
(c) They will go to Hell.
(d) They will suffer an agonizing illness.

4. What does Tom steal as he goes out to play after whitewashing the fence?
(a) a doughnut
(b) a peach
(c) some jam
(d) a cookie

5. What does the stranger do through the window while Tom stands outside his house?
(a) throws rocks
(b) yells at Tom
(c) makes faces
(d) clenches his fist

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Potter caught?

2. What source of food do the boys find on the island?

3. What do Joe and Tom feel guilty about?

4. How does Tom feel when he gets to school?

5. What animal gets into a conflict with the bug Tom has brought into church?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Tom tutor Becky in when they meet surreptitiously during lunch?

2. Describe Aunt Polly's dilemma in punishing Tom.

3. What is Tom's objection after the initial reaction to the boys' homecoming?

4. What story does Huck Finn recall to cast doubt on the omen the boys see?

5. Describe Polly's reaction when Tom says he's done with the whitewashing.

6. When Tom talks and is restless in his sleep, how is his behavior explained?

7. Describe Amy Lawrence's reactions during Sunday School.

8. What is Aunt Polly's reaction to Tom's disappearance?

9. Describe what Tom draws on his slate for Becky.

10. How does Tom trick other boys into doing his work for him?

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