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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Before the trial, does any of the town gossip speculate that Muff Potter is innocent?
(a) No, everyone in town thinks Muff is a murderer.
(b) No, but many people find it hard to believe Muff is a murderer.
(c) Yes, a few people won't believe that Muff is a killer.
(d) Yes, a large number of people are skeptical that Muff is a murderer.

2. Why does Tom join the Cadets of Temperance?
(a) His aunt makes him.
(b) He's decided to turn over a new leaf.
(c) He wants to impress Becky.
(d) He likes their uniforms.

3. How did the boys get to shore from their island?
(a) They swam against the current.
(b) They made a raft.
(c) They paddled using a log.
(d) They stole a skiff.

4. What does Tom dump onto the table?
(a) gold ore
(b) diamonds
(c) gold coins
(d) packs of money

5. How far away from the cave entrance are Becky and Tom when they emerge?
(a) five miles
(b) 50 feet
(c) ten miles
(d) three miles

6. What happens to Injun Joe's accomplice?
(a) His body is found in the river, likely drowned.
(b) He is found with his neck broken outside of town.
(c) He is captured but hangs himself in the jail.
(d) He is found stabbed to death in the haunted house.

7. What is Muff Potter's reaction when Tom is called as a witness?
(a) sorrow
(b) surprise
(c) terror
(d) anger

8. Does Huck tell the Welshman the Spaniard's true identity?
(a) Yes, Huck tells him right away.
(b) Yes, but only after much prompting and promising to protect Huck.
(c) No, Huck never thinks about giving away the secret.
(d) No, but Huck is sorely tempted to tell the truth.

9. When does Mrs. Thatcher find out that Becky's not where she's supposed to be?
(a) at church Sunday morning
(b) when Becky doesn't come home from the picnic Saturday night
(c) when Mrs. Harper visits the Thatcher house
(d) in the town square Sunday morning

10. Where had Joe gotten water?
(a) from digging into the water table from the river
(b) seeping in from outside the door
(c) from a spring in the ground
(d) from a dripping stalactite

11. What does Tom say that robbers bury under a tree with their treasure?
(a) a witch's finger
(b) a box of toadstools
(c) a dead man
(d) a cursed cross

12. How does Tom react to Becky when he goes back to school?
(a) He shows off for her.
(b) He asks her to forgive him.
(c) He ignores her.
(d) He follows her everywhere.

13. What disconcerts Becky when Tom shouts to the other picnickers?
(a) the sound of the echo
(b) the lack of response
(c) the sound of bats flying off
(d) how high Tom's voice is

14. Why does Tom say they need to stop and wait by the water?
(a) There's only one source of water in the cave.
(b) They've nearly run out of candles.
(c) No one will find them if they keep moving around.
(d) He's afraid of getting even more lost.

15. Who takes care of Huck when he's ill?
(a) Widow Douglas
(b) the Welshman
(c) Aunt Polly
(d) Huck's father

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tom say that he dreamed?

2. How does Becky make Tom jealous?

3. Why does Tom say robbers fail to come get their treasures?

4. How long does Tom have to stay after school?

5. What does Tom say the Widow Douglas has for children?

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