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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tom say that he dreamed?
(a) witnessing the doctor's death at the graveyard
(b) the townspeople on the ferry searching for the boys' bodies
(c) the scene of him appearing in the church at his funeral
(d) the scene he witnessed when he sneaked over to the house

2. What dampens Tom's expectations of a night at Widow Douglas'?
(a) He expects his aunt will find out where he's been.
(b) He is afraid Injun Joe might find him.
(c) He thinks Huck might give him the signal that night.
(d) He thinks Becky might disapprove of him.

3. What speech does Tom make on examination day?
(a) Washington's Farewell Address
(b) the Gettysburg Address
(c) the Sermon on the Mount
(d) Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

4. Does Huck tell the Welshman the Spaniard's true identity?
(a) No, but Huck is sorely tempted to tell the truth.
(b) No, Huck never thinks about giving away the secret.
(c) Yes, but only after much prompting and promising to protect Huck.
(d) Yes, Huck tells him right away.

5. Where had Joe gotten water?
(a) seeping in from outside the door
(b) from a spring in the ground
(c) from a dripping stalactite
(d) from digging into the water table from the river

6. How far away from the cave entrance are Becky and Tom when they emerge?
(a) three miles
(b) ten miles
(c) 50 feet
(d) five miles

7. What makes Aunt Polly able to forgive Tom anything?
(a) Joe tells her that Tom was the one that convinced them to come back.
(b) She discovers the note in his jacket, so she knows he wasn't lying.
(c) Tom tells her that the only reason he came back was to stop her from grieving.
(d) She remembers how she felt when she thought Tom was dead.

8. Why does Tom say robbers fail to come get their treasures?
(a) They get caught and sent to prison or flee the country.
(b) They forget the marks that identify the spot or else they die.
(c) They get doublecrossed by their partners and stranded.
(d) Their treasure maps get lost, destroyed, or stolen.

9. What is in the first closet Huck and Tom search in the haunted house?
(a) a pile of cobwebs
(b) nothing
(c) a cat
(d) a bricked up door

10. How does Tom react to Becky when he goes back to school?
(a) He follows her everywhere.
(b) He ignores her.
(c) He asks her to forgive him.
(d) He shows off for her.

11. What does Tom threaten to do if Huck runs away from the Widow Douglas?
(a) tell where Huck's hideout is
(b) put a hex on Huck
(c) not allow Huck to be in his gang
(d) confiscate Huck's half of the treasure

12. Where does Joe tell his partner he plans on running after the "dangerous" job?
(a) Texas
(b) Oklahoma
(c) Alabama
(d) Arkansas

13. What color lights are seen in the haunted house, reportedly?
(a) yellow
(b) blue
(c) red
(d) green

14. What was the schoolmaster's unfulfilled goal?
(a) to be a lawyer
(b) to be a doctor
(c) to be an actor
(d) to be the mayor

15. What illness does Tom contract during vacation?
(a) mumps
(b) chicken pox
(c) whooping cough
(d) measles

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Becky make Tom jealous?

2. What does the boy Becky spent time with do to Tom when he finds out he's been used?

3. How did the boys get to shore from their island?

4. What does Polly say that Tom should have done?

5. What is found by Injun Joe's body?

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