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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Before the trial, does any of the town gossip speculate that Muff Potter is innocent?
(a) No, but many people find it hard to believe Muff is a murderer.
(b) Yes, a large number of people are skeptical that Muff is a murderer.
(c) No, everyone in town thinks Muff is a murderer.
(d) Yes, a few people won't believe that Muff is a killer.

2. What does Tom see that shows him the way out of the cave?
(a) a breeze blowing the candle flame
(b) dripping water
(c) a bug flying into a crack in the wall
(d) a speck of daylight

3. What illness does Tom contract during vacation?
(a) measles
(b) chicken pox
(c) whooping cough
(d) mumps

4. How long does Tom have to stay after school?
(a) two hours
(b) half an hour
(c) forty-five minutes
(d) one hour

5. How does Judge Frazer let Tom down?
(a) He dies, just when Tom thought he was getting well.
(b) He dies before telling Tom the secret Tom's waiting for.
(c) He leaves the town without giving word.
(d) He gets sick and so will miss Fourth of July.

6. Where does Joe tell his partner he plans on running after the "dangerous" job?
(a) Alabama
(b) Oklahoma
(c) Arkansas
(d) Texas

7. Who tells Tom that the Welshman is going to announce Huck's role in saving the Widow Douglas?
(a) Mary
(b) Joe
(c) Aunt Polly
(d) Sid

8. Does Huck tell the Welshman the Spaniard's true identity?
(a) Yes, but only after much prompting and promising to protect Huck.
(b) No, Huck never thinks about giving away the secret.
(c) No, but Huck is sorely tempted to tell the truth.
(d) Yes, Huck tells him right away.

9. What does the boy Becky spent time with do to Tom when he finds out he's been used?
(a) He stops Tom on the street and fights him.
(b) He pours ink on Tom's spelling book.
(c) He sneaks into Tom's house and breaks dishes.
(d) He tears up Tom's math book.

10. What is Tom's attitude when he first takes the stand?
(a) showing off
(b) sullen
(c) frightened
(d) angry

11. What dampens Tom's expectations of a night at Widow Douglas'?
(a) He thinks Huck might give him the signal that night.
(b) He expects his aunt will find out where he's been.
(c) He thinks Becky might disapprove of him.
(d) He is afraid Injun Joe might find him.

12. What is Huck's attitude toward marriage?
(a) He dreams of getting married to the right girl.
(b) He is afraid of marriage because his wife could die.
(c) He thinks marriage is always unhappy and ends in fighting.
(d) He thinks marriage to anyone would be grand.

13. What does Tom find in No. 2?
(a) a stash of mysterious locked boxes
(b) nothing
(c) Injun Joe, drunk on the floor
(d) an empty treasure boxes

14. Why does Tom say they need to stop and wait by the water?
(a) No one will find them if they keep moving around.
(b) There's only one source of water in the cave.
(c) They've nearly run out of candles.
(d) He's afraid of getting even more lost.

15. What does Huck decide to do when the men come out of No. 2?
(a) follow them
(b) go find Tom
(c) search No. 2
(d) sound an alarm

Short Answer Questions

1. What food do Tom and Becky have left from the picnic?

2. During the trial, what does the defense attorney ask the witness who saw Muff Potter washing at a creek?

3. What color lights are seen in the haunted house, reportedly?

4. What is Judge Thatcher's feeling toward Tom?

5. Who is the first friend who agrees to go hunting for treasure with Tom?

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