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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What day of the week is a bad day to visit a haunted house?
(a) Sunday
(b) Friday
(c) Saturday
(d) Wednesday

2. Why does Tom blow out Becky's candle?
(a) to save their candles for the future
(b) to stop Becky from starting a fire
(c) on accident, while he is blowing a bug away
(d) to scare Becky with the darkness

3. Before the trial, does any of the town gossip speculate that Muff Potter is innocent?
(a) Yes, a few people won't believe that Muff is a killer.
(b) Yes, a large number of people are skeptical that Muff is a murderer.
(c) No, but many people find it hard to believe Muff is a murderer.
(d) No, everyone in town thinks Muff is a murderer.

4. What does Widow Douglas say she will do for Huck?
(a) put him in her will
(b) take care of him and give him money to start in business
(c) buy him a house, new clothes, and furniture
(d) get him a fishing boat and equipment to become a fisherman

5. What is the title of the first-prize composition?
(a) Is this, then, Life?
(b) A Vision
(c) The Advantages of Culture
(d) A Missouri Maiden's Farewell to Alabama

6. What is Tom's attitude when he first takes the stand?
(a) showing off
(b) angry
(c) sullen
(d) frightened

7. What color is the schoolmaster's bald head, when the pranksters cause a cat to snatch his wig away?
(a) red
(b) black
(c) blue
(d) gold

8. What does Tom dump onto the table?
(a) diamonds
(b) packs of money
(c) gold ore
(d) gold coins

9. What does Huck say he'd do with treasure?
(a) save it to live on
(b) buy pie and soda every day
(c) give it to his father
(d) run away to Europe

10. Why do Tom and Huck think it's useless to break Muff out of prison?
(a) They think Muff would refuse to leave.
(b) They think he'll just be caught again.
(c) They think Injun Joe would kill Muff if he escaped.
(d) They think they'd be caught and tried as accessories.

11. What does Tom and Huck's treasure lead local men to do?
(a) dig up every haunt of Injun Joe's
(b) tear up haunted houses
(c) dig out the whole cave
(d) dig up under every local tree

12. By Monday morning, what do the men searching the cave send word to town for?
(a) water and rope
(b) shovels and picks
(c) candles and food
(d) horses and blankets

13. How long does Tom have to stay after school?
(a) half an hour
(b) one hour
(c) forty-five minutes
(d) two hours

14. What reason does Tom give for not letting Polly know he was alive?
(a) Tom didn't want to spoil the effect of appearing at the funeral.
(b) Tom didn't want to betray his fellow pirates, Joe and Huck.
(c) Tom didn't want Sid and Mary to find out he was alive.
(d) Tom thought Polly would be angry if she knew he'd been to the house.

15. What does Polly say that Tom should have done?
(a) come to let her know he was alive
(b) stayed away longer
(c) waited until after the funeral to reveal himself
(d) come back home sooner

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Muff Potter's reaction when Tom is called as a witness?

2. What does Tom say the Widow Douglas has for children?

3. How did the boys get to shore from their island?

4. What illness does Tom contract during vacation?

5. What food do Tom and Becky have left from the picnic?

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