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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tom find in No. 2?
(a) Injun Joe, drunk on the floor
(b) nothing
(c) a stash of mysterious locked boxes
(d) an empty treasure boxes

2. What does Polly say that Tom should have done?
(a) waited until after the funeral to reveal himself
(b) stayed away longer
(c) come back home sooner
(d) come to let her know he was alive

3. Why does Tom say they need to stop and wait by the water?
(a) No one will find them if they keep moving around.
(b) There's only one source of water in the cave.
(c) He's afraid of getting even more lost.
(d) They've nearly run out of candles.

4. What does Tom say that he dreamed?
(a) witnessing the doctor's death at the graveyard
(b) the scene of him appearing in the church at his funeral
(c) the townspeople on the ferry searching for the boys' bodies
(d) the scene he witnessed when he sneaked over to the house

5. What does Tom dump onto the table?
(a) gold ore
(b) diamonds
(c) packs of money
(d) gold coins

6. What does Tom see that shows him the way out of the cave?
(a) dripping water
(b) a breeze blowing the candle flame
(c) a bug flying into a crack in the wall
(d) a speck of daylight

7. What does Huck decide to do when the men come out of No. 2?
(a) search No. 2
(b) follow them
(c) go find Tom
(d) sound an alarm

8. How does Becky make Tom jealous?
(a) by kissing Joe Harper
(b) by sitting and reading with Alfred Temple
(c) by sitting next to Ben Rodgers
(d) by talking with Bill Miller

9. What had Joe found in the cave to eat?
(a) mushrooms and snails
(b) soapstone and snakes
(c) bats and candle wax
(d) beetles and rats

10. How long does Tom have to stay after school?
(a) two hours
(b) forty-five minutes
(c) one hour
(d) half an hour

11. What does Tom say that robbers bury under a tree with their treasure?
(a) a box of toadstools
(b) a dead man
(c) a cursed cross
(d) a witch's finger

12. What makes Aunt Polly able to forgive Tom anything?
(a) Joe tells her that Tom was the one that convinced them to come back.
(b) She discovers the note in his jacket, so she knows he wasn't lying.
(c) Tom tells her that the only reason he came back was to stop her from grieving.
(d) She remembers how she felt when she thought Tom was dead.

13. Why does Tom join the Cadets of Temperance?
(a) He likes their uniforms.
(b) His aunt makes him.
(c) He wants to impress Becky.
(d) He's decided to turn over a new leaf.

14. What color is the schoolmaster's bald head, when the pranksters cause a cat to snatch his wig away?
(a) blue
(b) gold
(c) red
(d) black

15. What disconcerts Becky when Tom shouts to the other picnickers?
(a) how high Tom's voice is
(b) the sound of the echo
(c) the lack of response
(d) the sound of bats flying off

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Judge Frazer let Tom down?

2. What does Tom threaten to do if Huck runs away from the Widow Douglas?

3. What is found by Injun Joe's body?

4. What color lights are seen in the haunted house, reportedly?

5. What dampens Tom's expectations of a night at Widow Douglas'?

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