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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the first friend who agrees to go hunting for treasure with Tom?
(a) Joe Harper
(b) Jeff Thatcher
(c) Huck Finn
(d) Ben Rogers

2. What do Tom and Huck do instead of going to the haunted house?
(a) slingshot target practice
(b) fish in the river
(c) make their own treasure maps
(d) play Robin Hood

3. What does Huck decide to do when the men come out of No. 2?
(a) go find Tom
(b) sound an alarm
(c) follow them
(d) search No. 2

4. By Monday morning, what do the men searching the cave send word to town for?
(a) shovels and picks
(b) water and rope
(c) horses and blankets
(d) candles and food

5. When Tom awakens the next morning, what does he think of his and Huck's adventure in the haunted house?
(a) He's thought of a scheme to capture Injun Joe.
(b) He has thought of a scheme to get the treasure.
(c) He's afraid it's a dream.
(d) He's decided to give up on the treasure.

6. What does the Welshman find where the two criminals were standing outside Widow Douglas' house?
(a) Injun Joe's eye patch
(b) a gold coin
(c) burglar's tools
(d) a heavy club

7. When does Mrs. Thatcher find out that Becky's not where she's supposed to be?
(a) at church Sunday morning
(b) in the town square Sunday morning
(c) when Mrs. Harper visits the Thatcher house
(d) when Becky doesn't come home from the picnic Saturday night

8. What is Huck's attitude toward marriage?
(a) He thinks marriage is always unhappy and ends in fighting.
(b) He thinks marriage to anyone would be grand.
(c) He is afraid of marriage because his wife could die.
(d) He dreams of getting married to the right girl.

9. Why does Tom remember to grab the towel before running?
(a) Injun Joe could track him down with the towel.
(b) His aunt would kill him for losing the towel.
(c) Sid would snitch on Tom if he came back without the towel.
(d) Huck would kill him for losing the towel.

10. What does Widow Douglas say she will do for Huck?
(a) put him in her will
(b) take care of him and give him money to start in business
(c) get him a fishing boat and equipment to become a fisherman
(d) buy him a house, new clothes, and furniture

11. What does Tom find in No. 2?
(a) nothing
(b) Injun Joe, drunk on the floor
(c) a stash of mysterious locked boxes
(d) an empty treasure boxes

12. Does Huck tell the Welshman the Spaniard's true identity?
(a) Yes, Huck tells him right away.
(b) No, but Huck is sorely tempted to tell the truth.
(c) Yes, but only after much prompting and promising to protect Huck.
(d) No, Huck never thinks about giving away the secret.

13. What prevented Injun Joe's capture at the Widow Douglas' house?
(a) One of the boys tripped over a branch.
(b) Injun Joe saw the approaching men reflected in the widow's windows.
(c) A bird took flight at the Welshman's approach.
(d) The Welshman couldn't help sneezing.

14. What speech does Tom make on examination day?
(a) Washington's Farewell Address
(b) the Gettysburg Address
(c) the Sermon on the Mount
(d) Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

15. What illness does Tom contract during vacation?
(a) measles
(b) chicken pox
(c) whooping cough
(d) mumps

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tom dump onto the table?

2. Why does Tom blow out Becky's candle?

3. Why does Tom join the Cadets of Temperance?

4. What color is the schoolmaster's bald head, when the pranksters cause a cat to snatch his wig away?

5. What day of the week is a bad day to visit a haunted house?

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