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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What food do Tom and Becky have left from the picnic?
(a) bread
(b) cake
(c) chocolate
(d) nothing

2. What disconcerts Becky when Tom shouts to the other picnickers?
(a) the sound of the echo
(b) how high Tom's voice is
(c) the sound of bats flying off
(d) the lack of response

3. Why does Tom say they need to stop and wait by the water?
(a) He's afraid of getting even more lost.
(b) There's only one source of water in the cave.
(c) No one will find them if they keep moving around.
(d) They've nearly run out of candles.

4. What is in the first closet Huck and Tom search in the haunted house?
(a) a cat
(b) nothing
(c) a pile of cobwebs
(d) a bricked up door

5. What do Tom and Huck do instead of going to the haunted house?
(a) make their own treasure maps
(b) play Robin Hood
(c) fish in the river
(d) slingshot target practice

6. What does Tom threaten to do if Huck runs away from the Widow Douglas?
(a) tell where Huck's hideout is
(b) put a hex on Huck
(c) not allow Huck to be in his gang
(d) confiscate Huck's half of the treasure

7. How does Becky make Tom jealous?
(a) by sitting and reading with Alfred Temple
(b) by talking with Bill Miller
(c) by kissing Joe Harper
(d) by sitting next to Ben Rodgers

8. What does Tom say that he dreamed?
(a) witnessing the doctor's death at the graveyard
(b) the townspeople on the ferry searching for the boys' bodies
(c) the scene he witnessed when he sneaked over to the house
(d) the scene of him appearing in the church at his funeral

9. What does Widow Douglas say she will do for Huck?
(a) buy him a house, new clothes, and furniture
(b) put him in her will
(c) get him a fishing boat and equipment to become a fisherman
(d) take care of him and give him money to start in business

10. What is found by Injun Joe's body?
(a) a knife with a broken blade
(b) a piece of yellow paper with strange markings
(c) a stick warn down and broken
(d) a gold coin with a word etched into it

11. What does Tom find in No. 2?
(a) nothing
(b) Injun Joe, drunk on the floor
(c) an empty treasure boxes
(d) a stash of mysterious locked boxes

12. What is Muff Potter's reaction when Tom is called as a witness?
(a) surprise
(b) terror
(c) sorrow
(d) anger

13. Where had Joe gotten water?
(a) from digging into the water table from the river
(b) from a spring in the ground
(c) from a dripping stalactite
(d) seeping in from outside the door

14. How does Tom react to Becky when he goes back to school?
(a) He asks her to forgive him.
(b) He follows her everywhere.
(c) He ignores her.
(d) He shows off for her.

15. How did the boys get to shore from their island?
(a) They swam against the current.
(b) They stole a skiff.
(c) They paddled using a log.
(d) They made a raft.

Short Answer Questions

1. What dampens Tom's expectations of a night at Widow Douglas'?

2. What reason does Tom give for not letting Polly know he was alive?

3. What speech does Tom make on examination day?

4. What does Tom say the Widow Douglas has for children?

5. When Tom awakens the next morning, what does he think of his and Huck's adventure in the haunted house?

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