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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the potential consequence Tom heard that the illness could have?
(a) losing a finger
(b) being paralyzed
(c) needing an operation
(d) falling into a coma

2. Does Sid believe Tom is sick?
(a) Yes, he runs to tell Polly that Tom is dying.
(b) No, he thinks Tom is trying to get him in trouble.
(c) Yes, but he thinks Tom is exaggerating.
(d) No, he thinks Tom is faking to get out of school.

3. Who does Tom give a dose of tonic to?
(a) Sid
(b) Mary
(c) the cat
(d) Aunt Polly

4. Why does Tom decide to run away?
(a) Becky scorns him when she comes back to school.
(b) Tom is failing in school and will be held back.
(c) He is afraid Huck will break their pact.
(d) Aunt Polly won't stop giving him medicines.

5. What does Tom offer Becky to console her?
(a) a brass knob
(b) a silver teacup
(c) a flower
(d) a ribbon

6. How does Huck sign his name?
(a) Huck makes an X instead of his name.
(b) Huck writes "Mr. Finn."
(c) Huck writes out his full given name.
(d) Tom shows Huck how to make an H and an F.

7. What does Huck teach the other boys?
(a) how to smoke
(b) how to make a lean-to
(c) how to make a fire
(d) how to fish

8. What do the boys eat for breakfast after running away?
(a) dry crackers
(b) bacon and fish
(c) cheese and stolen eggs
(d) apples and bread

9. What can the children get with their Sunday School tickets?
(a) a shiny cross
(b) a new Bible
(c) a Sunday hat
(d) new Sunday clothes

10. Who comes to visit the Sunday School class?
(a) Parson Bridges
(b) Sherriff Johson
(c) Judge Thatcher
(d) Mayor Ellway

11. What does Tom say will happen if the boys break their pact?
(a) They will drop down dead.
(b) They will never be friends again.
(c) They will go to Hell.
(d) They will suffer an agonizing illness.

12. What wakes Tom?
(a) a cat yowling
(b) a bottle breaking
(c) Sid shaking him
(d) the clock striking eleven

13. What is Tom's reaction to his bath?
(a) Tom goes to sleep in the bath because he's bored.
(b) Tom hates taking a bath and tries to only pretend to take one.
(c) Tom procrastinates in the bath, playing sailor.
(d) Tom sings loudly and out of key in the bath.

14. What does Tom throw at Sid as he leaves?
(a) his paintbrush
(b) a rock
(c) an apple core
(d) dirt clods

15. What are the men at the graveyard for?
(a) to bury a body
(b) to rob a grave
(c) to bury treasure
(d) to steal a tombstone

Short Answer Questions

1. What has Tom been eating that he wasn't supposed to eat?

2. What does Tom ask Becky?

3. Who do the boys find sleeping in their hideout?

4. When Tom beats up the strange boy, what does he tell the boy to holler to make him stop?

5. What does Tom do to stop himself from talking in his sleep?

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