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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the three men have with them?
(a) rope, a pulley, and a black bag
(b) a wagon, spades, and a black bag
(c) a wheelbarrow, rope, and a shovel
(d) a trunk, a shovel, and a pick

2. What do Joe and Tom feel guilty about?
(a) robbing a boat on the river
(b) taking the raft
(c) keeping secrets from their parents
(d) stealing food from their homes

3. How is Aunt Polly related to Tom?
(a) Tom is Polly's sister's son.
(b) Tom is Polly's husband's brother's son.
(c) Tom is Polly's brother's son.
(d) Tom is Polly's husband's sister's son.

4. What is the potential consequence Tom heard that the illness could have?
(a) losing a finger
(b) being paralyzed
(c) falling into a coma
(d) needing an operation

5. What noise does Tom make out the window, before climbing down?
(a) a dog's yowl
(b) a crow's caw
(c) a cat's meow
(d) a coyote's howl

6. What task does Polly give Tom as punishment?
(a) carrying water buckets
(b) digging trenches in the garden
(c) mopping the floor
(d) whitewashing the fence

7. Why does the teacher seat Tom with the girls?
(a) because it's his turn to sit with the girls
(b) because the classroom is short of chairs
(c) because Tom is too noisy with the boys
(d) because Tom is late

8. What does Potter say when he's caught?
(a) He accuses Injun Joe of committing the murder.
(b) He says that he doesn't remember what happened.
(c) He claims that he didn't kill the doctor.
(d) He confesses to the killing.

9. What does Tom do when he sees the new girl?
(a) Tom pulls her out of the window and runs down to the river with her.
(b) Tom asks him to play with the boys in the woods.
(c) Tom pretends to ignore her.
(d) Tom shows off by doing tricks on the sidewalk.

10. What time is it, when Tom thinks it must be dawn while he is waiting to meet Huck?
(a) ten o'clock
(b) nine o'clock
(c) twelve o'clock
(d) eleven o'clock

11. What do the boys expect to happen when Injun Joe lies about the murder?
(a) They expect Joe to break down and confess.
(b) They expect Potter to remember what happened.
(c) They expect the sheriff to realize Joe is lying.
(d) They expect lightning to strike him down.

12. What does Tom say will happen if the boys break their pact?
(a) They will drop down dead.
(b) They will go to Hell.
(c) They will suffer an agonizing illness.
(d) They will never be friends again.

13. What does Tom write the pact between the boys on?
(a) a flat rock
(b) a piece of his shirt
(c) a pine shingle
(d) a gum wrapper

14. What is the only thing Tom finds wrong with him, when he wakes up Monday morning?
(a) a loose tooth
(b) an upset stomach
(c) a sprained wrist
(d) a cut on his knee

15. Does Tom leave Aunt Polly his note?
(a) No, he never planned to give Polly a note.
(b) No, he changes his mind at the last minute.
(c) Yes, he leaves the note on her bed.
(d) Yes, he leaves the note by the bedside, but the wind blows it away.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the boys play after the storm?

2. Where does Aunt Polly find Tom?

3. What does the schoolmaster do after learning of the news?

4. Why doesn't Huck want to tell what the boys saw?

5. What does Tom try to do during the sermon?

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