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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Tom and Joe use to play with the tick?
(a) pencils
(b) feathers
(c) paper balls
(d) pins

2. What does Aunt Polly do to Tom for going out at night?
(a) She weeps over him and tells him to go ahead and break her heart.
(b) She yells at him and kicks him out of the house.
(c) She pretends she doesn't know what happened.
(d) She spanks him until he cries.

3. What does Muff leave behind?
(a) a cigarette butt
(b) his shoe
(c) the murder weapon
(d) his jacket

4. Who is Jim?
(a) a black boy who works at the house
(b) Tom's half-brother
(c) a runaway who lives in the woods
(d) Tom's friend from school

5. What does Huck tell Tom is bound to happen if the doctor is dead?
(a) Spirits will be blamed.
(b) Someone will be hanged.
(c) The doctor's ghost will come back to haunt Joe.
(d) Someone will be thown in prison.

6. What does Tom do when he plays hooky?
(a) He goes swimming.
(b) He plays baseball.
(c) He reads a book.
(d) He plays catch.

7. At first, what does Potter think gave him away?
(a) Potter thinks someone saw him running from the scene.
(b) Potter thinks his footprints were found at the graveyard.
(c) Potter thinks the doctor has recovered and accused him.
(d) Potter thinks Injun Joe has accused him.

8. What can the children get with their Sunday School tickets?
(a) new Sunday clothes
(b) a shiny cross
(c) a new Bible
(d) a Sunday hat

9. What does Tom do that makes Becky cry?
(a) He says he doesn't like her hair.
(b) He mentions his old girlfriend.
(c) He says he doesn't like her dress.
(d) He says something bad about her cousin.

10. What do the boys expect to happen when Injun Joe lies about the murder?
(a) They expect the sheriff to realize Joe is lying.
(b) They expect lightning to strike him down.
(c) They expect Potter to remember what happened.
(d) They expect Joe to break down and confess.

11. What noise does Tom make out the window, before climbing down?
(a) a coyote's howl
(b) a cat's meow
(c) a dog's yowl
(d) a crow's caw

12. What do Tom and Huck take as an omen that they will die?
(a) an owl's cry
(b) a black cat yowling
(c) a stray dog howling
(d) a fox eating a rat

13. What does Tom imagine after his aunt hits him and does not apologize?
(a) stealing the quilt she's making
(b) running away to the big city
(c) lightning from heaven striking her
(d) dying without forgiving her

14. What does Tom decide to run away to become?
(a) a pirate
(b) an acrobat
(c) an actor
(d) a statesman

15. What person does Tom make up to threaten the stranger with?
(a) a powerful father
(b) a big sister
(c) a big brother
(d) a friend who is a schoolmaster

Short Answer Questions

1. Who do the boys find sleeping in their hideout?

2. What kind of craft do the townspeople take onto the river to look for the boys?

3. When Tom beats up the strange boy, what does he tell the boy to holler to make him stop?

4. What do Joe and Tom feel guilty about?

5. What do the three men have with them?

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