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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tom do to stop himself from talking in his sleep?
(a) He ties up his jaw, complaining of toothache.
(b) He drinks cinnamon and chamomile tea.
(c) He stuffs the covers into his mouth.
(d) He sleeps on his stomach with his head in the pillow.

2. What does the schoolmaster do after learning of the news?
(a) He closes the school for the day.
(b) He leaves school but makes the teachers continue working.
(c) He gives the classes a ten minute mourning period.
(d) He holds a school assembly.

3. What does Tom imagine after his aunt hits him and does not apologize?
(a) stealing the quilt she's making
(b) running away to the big city
(c) dying without forgiving her
(d) lightning from heaven striking her

4. What does Tom trade his tooth for?
(a) an arrow
(b) a matchbook
(c) a tick
(d) a marble

5. What animal gets into a conflict with the bug Tom has brought into church?
(a) a canary
(b) a piglet
(c) a poodle
(d) a cat

6. What do Tom and Huck take as an omen that they will die?
(a) a stray dog howling
(b) a black cat yowling
(c) a fox eating a rat
(d) an owl's cry

7. What are the men at the graveyard for?
(a) to bury treasure
(b) to bury a body
(c) to steal a tombstone
(d) to rob a grave

8. What does Tom say will happen if the boys break their pact?
(a) They will drop down dead.
(b) They will go to Hell.
(c) They will never be friends again.
(d) They will suffer an agonizing illness.

9. What does Huck tell Tom is bound to happen if the doctor is dead?
(a) Spirits will be blamed.
(b) Someone will be thown in prison.
(c) The doctor's ghost will come back to haunt Joe.
(d) Someone will be hanged.

10. Who do the boys find sleeping in their hideout?
(a) Jeff Thatcher
(b) Muff Potter
(c) Joe Harper
(d) Injun Joe

11. Does Tom leave Aunt Polly his note?
(a) No, he never planned to give Polly a note.
(b) No, he changes his mind at the last minute.
(c) Yes, he leaves the note on her bed.
(d) Yes, he leaves the note by the bedside, but the wind blows it away.

12. What does Tom do to try to ease his conscience?
(a) He denies himself the pleasure of playing hooky.
(b) He studies his Bible verses for Sunday school.
(c) He brings gifts to Muff Potter.
(d) He does all his chores for Aunt Polly.

13. Where does the town gather?
(a) the schoolyard
(b) the town square
(c) the graveyard
(d) the town hall

14. Where does Tom go to be alone?
(a) a crawlspace under the school
(b) an empty cabin in the woods
(c) a log raft in the river
(d) a field out by the fishing pond

15. What do the men fight over?
(a) if the doctor will turn them in
(b) who is doing the most work
(c) money
(d) how long their task is taking

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tom do that makes Becky cry?

2. What do the three men have with them?

3. What can the children get with their Sunday School tickets?

4. Who has earned the most rewards in Tom's Sunday School?

5. Why does Tom decide to run away?

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