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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Tom get his tickets?
(a) Tom trades the other children for their tickets.
(b) Tom does chores to earn tickets.
(c) Tom steals tickets from the other children.
(d) Tom makes his own fake tickets.

2. What does Ben trade to Tom?
(a) a pear
(b) a peach
(c) an apple
(d) an orange

3. What is Tom's reaction to his bath?
(a) Tom hates taking a bath and tries to only pretend to take one.
(b) Tom procrastinates in the bath, playing sailor.
(c) Tom sings loudly and out of key in the bath.
(d) Tom goes to sleep in the bath because he's bored.

4. Who is Amy Lawrence?
(a) Amy is Tom's beloved, who fickle Tom forgets.
(b) Amy is Tom's teacher, who Tom has a crush on.
(c) Amy is Jeff's cousin, who Tom thinks is beautiful.
(d) Amy is Sid's beloved, who Tom makes trouble with.

5. What tonic does Aunt Polly give Tom to bring him out of his depressed mood?
(a) Pain-killer
(b) Cure-all elixir
(c) Alls-well
(d) Reviving oil

6. What does Tom offer Becky to console her?
(a) a flower
(b) a ribbon
(c) a silver teacup
(d) a brass knob

7. At first, what does Potter think gave him away?
(a) Potter thinks the doctor has recovered and accused him.
(b) Potter thinks someone saw him running from the scene.
(c) Potter thinks Injun Joe has accused him.
(d) Potter thinks his footprints were found at the graveyard.

8. Who do Tom and Huck think Muff Potter, Injun Joe, and Doctor Robinson are when they first approach?
(a) ghosts
(b) animals
(c) devils
(d) witches

9. What role do Tom and Joe Harper take in the battle?
(a) opposing generals
(b) general and lieutenant
(c) general and president
(d) allied generals

10. What can the children get with their Sunday School tickets?
(a) new Sunday clothes
(b) a Sunday hat
(c) a new Bible
(d) a shiny cross

11. What do the townspeople use to try to make the boys' bodies come to the surface?
(a) firecrackers
(b) rifles
(c) a cannon
(d) dynamite

12. Where is Potter caught?
(a) in the tannery
(b) in the woods
(c) at the graveyard
(d) in the town square

13. Where is the graveyard located?
(a) behind the church
(b) in a swamp
(c) on a hill
(d) in a valley

14. What does Tom try to do during the sermon?
(a) sneak off his shoes
(b) steal a hymnal
(c) pry up a floorboard
(d) catch a fly

15. Why does Tom decide to run away?
(a) He is afraid Huck will break their pact.
(b) Becky scorns him when she comes back to school.
(c) Aunt Polly won't stop giving him medicines.
(d) Tom is failing in school and will be held back.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Joe and Tom feel guilty about?

2. What does Becky wish she had?

3. Why does Becky miss school?

4. How long does it take the boys to get to the cemetery?

5. Where does Aunt Polly find Tom?

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