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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 28 and 29.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does news of the murder travel through the town?
(a) by the newspaper
(b) by the mayor's announcement
(c) by telegraph
(d) by word of mouth

2. Before the trial, does any of the town gossip speculate that Muff Potter is innocent?
(a) No, but many people find it hard to believe Muff is a murderer.
(b) Yes, a few people won't believe that Muff is a killer.
(c) No, everyone in town thinks Muff is a murderer.
(d) Yes, a large number of people are skeptical that Muff is a murderer.

3. What is the cave opening shaped like?
(a) a thin tree branch
(b) a big circle
(c) a keyhole
(d) the letter A

4. What do the men fight over?
(a) who is doing the most work
(b) how long their task is taking
(c) money
(d) if the doctor will turn them in

5. What is Muff Potter's reaction when Tom is called as a witness?
(a) surprise
(b) terror
(c) sorrow
(d) anger

Short Answer Questions

1. When Tom beats up the strange boy, what does he tell the boy to holler to make him stop?

2. What does Tom "die" of during the game?

3. When Tom awakens the next morning, what does he think of his and Huck's adventure in the haunted house?

4. Who does Tom give a dose of tonic to?

5. What does Tom decide to run away to become?

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