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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 23 and 24.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What tonic does Aunt Polly give Tom to bring him out of his depressed mood?
(a) Alls-well
(b) Pain-killer
(c) Cure-all elixir
(d) Reviving oil

2. Where has Tom heard of the ailment he fakes?
(a) from a teacher
(b) from a doctor
(c) in a book
(d) from a friend at school

3. Why are the Sunday School students given colored tickets?
(a) for learning Bible verses
(b) for the church raffle
(c) for helping with the Sunday service
(d) for attendance

4. What happens to the doctor?
(a) Muff strangles him.
(b) Injun Joe shoots him.
(c) Injun Joe stabs him.
(d) Muff knocks him on the head.

5. What task does Polly give Tom as punishment?
(a) digging trenches in the garden
(b) mopping the floor
(c) carrying water buckets
(d) whitewashing the fence

Short Answer Questions

1. What serves as a field for their tick game?

2. What does Tom imagine after his aunt hits him and does not apologize?

3. What does Mary promise Tom for memorizing his Bible verses?

4. What does the boy Becky spent time with do to Tom when he finds out he's been used?

5. How does Polly learn that Tom was lying about his dream?

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