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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who has earned the most rewards in Tom's Sunday School?
(a) Jeff Thatcher
(b) Ben Rodgers
(c) Mary
(d) a German boy

2. What animal gets into a conflict with the bug Tom has brought into church?
(a) a cat
(b) a piglet
(c) a canary
(d) a poodle

3. Who comes to visit the Sunday School class?
(a) Sherriff Johson
(b) Judge Thatcher
(c) Mayor Ellway
(d) Parson Bridges

4. How does Tom wake Sid?
(a) Tom pushes Sid out of bed.
(b) Tom's moaning wakes Sid.
(c) Tom splashes water on Sid.
(d) Tom shakes Sid and calls his name.

5. Where has Tom's cousin Mary been for the last week?
(a) visiting her grandmother
(b) in the country
(c) at a Bible school
(d) at an art school

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Tom go to be alone?

2. What game does Tom play with Joe Harper?

3. What do the men fight over?

4. What does Tom offer Becky to console her?

5. Who does Tom meet on his way to school?

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