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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where has Tom's cousin Mary been for the last week?
(a) at a Bible school
(b) at an art school
(c) in the country
(d) visiting her grandmother

2. What does Tom imagine after his aunt hits him and does not apologize?
(a) running away to the big city
(b) stealing the quilt she's making
(c) lightning from heaven striking her
(d) dying without forgiving her

3. Who is Amy Lawrence?
(a) Amy is Tom's teacher, who Tom has a crush on.
(b) Amy is Jeff's cousin, who Tom thinks is beautiful.
(c) Amy is Sid's beloved, who Tom makes trouble with.
(d) Amy is Tom's beloved, who fickle Tom forgets.

4. Why does the teacher seat Tom with the girls?
(a) because Tom is late
(b) because it's his turn to sit with the girls
(c) because the classroom is short of chairs
(d) because Tom is too noisy with the boys

5. Who wins the battle?
(a) Sid's army wins
(b) Joe's army wins
(c) Tom's army wins
(d) Ben's army wins

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has earned the most rewards in Tom's Sunday School?

2. What does Tom do when he sees the new girl?

3. What does Tom try to do during the sermon?

4. Does Sid believe Tom is sick?

5. What is Tom's recent accomplishment?

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