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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 23 and 24.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What witness comes forward against Muff Potter?
(a) A man who heard Potter threaten the doctor.
(b) A man who saw Potter washing in a stream in the early hours.
(c) A man who saw Potter meeting secretively with the doctor.
(d) A man who identified Potter as buying the murder weapon.

2. What reason does Tom give for not letting Polly know he was alive?
(a) Tom didn't want to spoil the effect of appearing at the funeral.
(b) Tom didn't want Sid and Mary to find out he was alive.
(c) Tom didn't want to betray his fellow pirates, Joe and Huck.
(d) Tom thought Polly would be angry if she knew he'd been to the house.

3. How does Polly learn that Tom was lying about his dream?
(a) Joe tells Polly the truth.
(b) Joe's mother tells Polly the truth.
(c) Huck tells Polly the truth.
(d) Sid finds out what happened and tells on Tom.

4. What does the new girl throw to Tom?
(a) a rose
(b) a carnation
(c) a daisy
(d) a pansy

5. What is Aunt Polly's reaction to Tom's professed illness?
(a) She scolds him for lying.
(b) She laughs.
(c) She spanks him.
(d) She takes him to the doctor.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many tickets are needed to earn a prize?

2. What does Tom try to do during the sermon?

3. What does Tom do to stop himself from talking in his sleep?

4. What does the sheriff say about catching Muff Potter?

5. Who do Tom and Huck think Muff Potter, Injun Joe, and Doctor Robinson are when they first approach?

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