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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Huck decide to do when the men come out of No. 2?
(a) search No. 2
(b) go find Tom
(c) sound an alarm
(d) follow them

2. What does the Welshman find where the two criminals were standing outside Widow Douglas' house?
(a) burglar's tools
(b) a gold coin
(c) a heavy club
(d) Injun Joe's eye patch

3. Who takes care of Huck when he's ill?
(a) Huck's father
(b) Aunt Polly
(c) the Welshman
(d) Widow Douglas

4. What does Tom take out of his pocket during church?
(a) a ladybug
(b) a grasshopper
(c) a beetle
(d) a spider

5. What does the new girl throw to Tom?
(a) a daisy
(b) a carnation
(c) a rose
(d) a pansy

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Tom meet on his way to school?

2. What do Tom and Joe use to play with the tick?

3. What does the schoolmaster do after learning of the news?

4. Who is the first friend who agrees to go hunting for treasure with Tom?

5. How does Polly learn that Tom was lying about his dream?

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