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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the boys eat for breakfast after running away?
(a) bacon and fish
(b) apples and bread
(c) cheese and stolen eggs
(d) dry crackers

2. What does Huck say he'd do with treasure?
(a) save it to live on
(b) buy pie and soda every day
(c) run away to Europe
(d) give it to his father

3. Why does Tom say robbers fail to come get their treasures?
(a) They get caught and sent to prison or flee the country.
(b) Their treasure maps get lost, destroyed, or stolen.
(c) They get doublecrossed by their partners and stranded.
(d) They forget the marks that identify the spot or else they die.

4. What can the children get with their Sunday School tickets?
(a) new Sunday clothes
(b) a new Bible
(c) a Sunday hat
(d) a shiny cross

5. What is the object of the game?
(a) to move the tick in a perfect circle
(b) to move the tick to the other side
(c) to keep the tick on the player's side
(d) to keep the tick moving

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Tom wake Sid?

2. What is Aunt Polly's reaction to Tom's professed illness?

3. What source of food do the boys find on the island?

4. What kind of craft do the townspeople take onto the river to look for the boys?

5. How does Tom feel when he gets to school?

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