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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 19 and 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What game does Tom play with Joe Harper?
(a) Robin Hood
(b) Civil War
(c) Cowboys and Indians
(d) King of the Hill

2. What makes Aunt Polly able to forgive Tom anything?
(a) She discovers the note in his jacket, so she knows he wasn't lying.
(b) She remembers how she felt when she thought Tom was dead.
(c) Tom tells her that the only reason he came back was to stop her from grieving.
(d) Joe tells her that Tom was the one that convinced them to come back.

3. What does Tom do to stop himself from talking in his sleep?
(a) He stuffs the covers into his mouth.
(b) He drinks cinnamon and chamomile tea.
(c) He sleeps on his stomach with his head in the pillow.
(d) He ties up his jaw, complaining of toothache.

4. What does Tom do that makes Becky cry?
(a) He says he doesn't like her dress.
(b) He says he doesn't like her hair.
(c) He mentions his old girlfriend.
(d) He says something bad about her cousin.

5. What does Tom answer when the judge asks him who the first two apostles were?
(a) David and Goliath
(b) Peter and Paul
(c) Abraham and Isaac
(d) Mary and Joseph

Short Answer Questions

1. What can the children get with their Sunday School tickets?

2. What do the boys expect to happen when Injun Joe lies about the murder?

3. Who comes to visit the Sunday School class?

4. What does the schoolmaster do after learning of the news?

5. What does Tom take out of his pocket during church?

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