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Aunt Polly forces Tom to whitewash this, a chore that should take him several hours, although he finds an easy way to do it.


This is the prize for memorizing a Bible passage at church and comes in different colors of different values. Tom trades for this item from other Sunday school kids.

Percussion-cap Box

Tom uses this to carry bugs around, and releases a pinch-bug from it during church, leading to a big disruption.

Dead Cat

This item is very magical, according to the local superstition. Huck tries to cure warts with one; they are also used in rituals to discover information about Dr. Robinson's murder.

Brass Knob

This is Tom's favorite possession, and he tries to give it to Becky as an offer of love. She rejects the gift. When Tom runs away to be a pirate, she regrets giving it up.

The Woods by Widow Douglas' House

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