Adrift: Seventy-Six Days Lost at Sea Test | Final Test - Medium

Steven Callahan
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While Callahan was once a fiercely independent man, he now understands man to be a _________ animal.
(a) Simple.
(b) Weak.
(c) Social.
(d) Compassionate.

2. Who comes to the island in order to give Callahan a new wardrobe to wear after his journey?
(a) His family.
(b) His ex-wife.
(c) A movie director.
(d) The American media.

3. Maria Galante is the smallest ___________ is the chain and that is where Callahan is finally taken.
(a) Island.
(b) City.
(c) Hotel.
(d) Hut.

4. When Callahan wakes up on March 19, he is still mourning the loss of the _____________ from the day before.
(a) Harpoon.
(b) Solar still.
(c) Dorado.
(d) Triggerfish.

5. Callahan actually begins to feel saddened by the loss of another ____________ when he kills and eats the fish.
(a) Sea creature.
(b) Life.
(c) Companion.
(d) Brother.

Short Answer Questions

1. Callahan is overcome with emotion as the reality of his ____________ finally sinks in when he touches land.

2. What is suddenly mixed in with the water Callahan has been trying to collect in the canopy?

3. What does Callahan do with the space blanket? What does he decide to use it for now?

4. What does a fish bite into, causing water to drain back out to sea, according to the observations of Callahan?

5. Callahan realizes too that he is beginning to be unable to taste the _________ in the water.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Callahan have to do before he can fix up the problem with the lower half of the life raft?

2. How had the fishermen come to find Callahan's boat in the water?

3. What does Callahan not have to worry about at night anymore now that the weather has turned warm?

4. What happens when the dorado that Callahan tries to catch struggles with him during the process?

5. What is the relationship that Callahan suddenly imagines with the dorado fish as they move past his boat?

6. What is becoming harder for Callahan to complete after he has fixed the breach in the boat?

7. What does Callahan do to celebrate the sight of land in the distance?

8. What does Callahan miss most about the early days of his new journey on the seas alone?

9. What is the new source of food that Callahan finds which he has not seen in a while on his journey?

10. What happens to the raft as the winds begin to pick up around the raft as Callahan tries to navigate?

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