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Steven Callahan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Callahan do with the space blanket? What does he decide to use it for now?
(a) A solar still.
(b) Water catching.
(c) A pillow.
(d) A fishing net.

2. What does Callahan first hear as he prepares to make a difficult landing against the shore?
(a) Coast Guard.
(b) A bell.
(c) A man's voice.
(d) Engine.

3. The __________ keeps slumping over, causing Callahan to have to blow it up every ten or fifteen minutes.
(a) Still.
(b) Canopy
(c) Bed.
(d) Sail.

4. What still requires constant attention in order to function properly and to help Callahan survive?
(a) His EPIRB.
(b) His fishing spear.
(c) Solar still.
(d) The inner tube.

5. What is the name of the man who offers to let Callahan stay in his hotel while he rests and decides what to do next?
(a) Mathias.
(b) Joe.
(c) Tobias.
(d) Ricardo.

6. Which of the tubes in the life raft begins to deflate as a result of the fish's actions on the side of the boat?
(a) Lower.
(b) Aft.
(c) Upper.
(d) Starboard.

7. Callahan begins to note the new _____________ in his new vicinity and location, which makes him curious as to where he is.
(a) Weather patterns.
(b) Temperatures.
(c) Smells.
(d) Wildlife.

8. What does Callahan fear what he will land against when he is finally at the shoreline and near land?
(a) Deadly fish.
(b) Rocks.
(c) Coral reef.
(d) Other boats.

9. What does Callahan decide to do when anticipates a trial filled landfall in a few hours?
(a) Get some sleep.
(b) Turn on the EPIRB.
(c) Plot his course.
(d) Sing.

10. Callahan watches from a distance as __________ bring fresh water to the ocean, although he can not get to it.
(a) Birds.
(b) Clouds.
(c) Storms.
(d) Fishes.

11. What is Callahan careful not to mistake a static cloud for in the distance as he is sailing out in the sea?
(a) A mountain range.
(b) A person.
(c) A bag of trash.
(d) A fish.

12. Callahan decides that the ______________ is the best way for him to catch fish on the boat, despite other method attempts.
(a) Spear gun.
(b) Net.
(c) Boat.
(d) Trap.

13. What does Callahan improvise with a length of tubing, a part of the blanket, and some twine?
(a) A tent.
(b) A funnel.
(c) A signalling device.
(d) A basket.

14. Callahan wonders how close he is to the _____________ as he works to keep the lower tube of the raft inflated.
(a) Continental shelf.
(b) Shipping lane.
(c) Islands.
(d) Shore.

15. Why do Callahan's legs continue to swell up when he walks, though he has been told to rest more?
(a) High sodium content.
(b) Not drinking enough water.
(c) The sun.
(d) Lack of muscle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Callahan catch when he tries to do some line fishing on the boat in order to catch food in a new way?

2. How does Callahan continue to work at night, even though the darkness prevents him from seeing what he is doing?

3. What jumps into Callahan's raft and he tries to use it for bait, though it is unsuccessful?

4. What remained inflated with the new sticky gum fix that Callahan comes up with during his ill state?

5. What decides to loiter around the boat, causing Callahan to have troubles sleeping one night while he is already thirst and depressed?

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