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Steven Callahan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Callahan looks at his sextant, he decides that he is too far __________ in his journey's plans.
(a) East.
(b) North.
(c) West.
(d) South.

2. Callahan believes that the water traffic will begin to pick up once he gets on the belt between Brazil and __________.
(a) The Andes.
(b) Hawaii.
(c) Cozumel.
(d) Florida.

3. Which of the tubes in the life raft begins to deflate as a result of the fish's actions on the side of the boat?
(a) Aft.
(b) Lower.
(c) Starboard.
(d) Upper.

4. What is suddenly mixed in with the water Callahan has been trying to collect in the canopy?
(a) A dusty powder.
(b) Green clouds.
(c) Orange particles.
(d) Oily black liquid.

5. What is polluting the water which is being captured in the solar still, according to Callahan's observations?
(a) Seaweed.
(b) Saltware.
(c) Bird excrement.
(d) Bird feathers.

6. What remained inflated with the new sticky gum fix that Callahan comes up with during his ill state?
(a) The lower tube.
(b) The inner tube.
(c) The upper tube.
(d) Solar still.

7. What isn't tight enough to keep the boat from losing air after the damage was done by the fish?
(a) The sewing.
(b) The tape.
(c) The seams.
(d) The seal.

8. What does Callahan realize he might need to do in order to hydrate himself if he can not get fresh water?
(a) A saltwater enema.
(b) Swim to shore.
(c) Soak in the ocean.
(d) Drink his reserves.

9. Callahan even creates a contraption which might collect drinking water from the ______________.
(a) The wet sleeping bag.
(b) Misty air.
(c) Fish's insides.
(d) The tarp.

10. The drying stores of meat in the boat sag down to the floor, causing them to turn rancid because of the _____________.
(a) Position.
(b) Salt.
(c) Moisture.
(d) Weather.

11. What does Callahan lose as the raft begins to swirl around in a circle as he is attempting to navigate?
(a) The map.
(b) His sextant.
(c) The solar still.
(d) Precious time.

12. Callahan's attention begins to be split between the _________ and the horizon as his situation grows ever more desperate.
(a) Water.
(b) Sky.
(c) Food.
(d) Journal.

13. What does Callahan lay down in order to protect his raft from further damage as he is fishing for food?
(a) The canopy top.
(b) His sleeping bag.
(c) A tarp.
(d) Sailcloth.

14. Which of the knives has snapped off the end of the spearhead, leaving Callahan with a less than effective instrument?
(a) Leather knife.
(b) None of the knives has snapped off.
(c) Butter knife.
(d) Both knives.

15. What is the name of the man who offers to let Callahan stay in his hotel while he rests and decides what to do next?
(a) Joe.
(b) Tobias.
(c) Mathias.
(d) Ricardo.

Short Answer Questions

1. Callahan sees the tragic waste of life and the tragic waste of food as ______________ for the day and the trip.

2. Why do Callahan's legs continue to swell up when he walks, though he has been told to rest more?

3. What jumps into Callahan's raft and he tries to use it for bait, though it is unsuccessful?

4. Maria Galante is the smallest ___________ is the chain and that is where Callahan is finally taken.

5. What still requires constant attention in order to function properly and to help Callahan survive?

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