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Steven Callahan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What gives Callahan barely enough room to sit upright in the raft, let alone stretch out his full body?
(a) Tent like canopy.
(b) The sides.
(c) A sail.
(d) The mast.

2. Callahan begins to appreciate how much better suited the local ____________ are to the area.
(a) Fish life.
(b) People.
(c) Plant life.
(d) Birdlife.

3. What causes damage to the better functioning solar still, further making Callahan upset with his situation?
(a) A large wave.
(b) Fish.
(c) A shark.
(d) His own carelessness.

4. How many pounds of meat are hanging inside the canopy to dry out to be eaten at a later time?
(a) 10.
(b) 15.
(c) 3.
(d) 5.

5. What does Callahan use in the hope that he might be found and rescued by its beacon?
(a) A flare gun.
(b) An SOS flag.
(c) EPRIB.
(d) A bright sail.

6. Callahan, fueled by his dream, grows up to be a _________ and ship designer, eventually designing his own small craft.
(a) Adventurer.
(b) Doctor.
(c) Sailor.
(d) Explorer.

7. What is in the soup of rainwater that gives Callahan something new and different to eat in his diet?
(a) Sushi.
(b) Barnacles.
(c) Seaweed.
(d) Carrots.

8. Callahan is worried about his _______________, so he decides to do some yoga to see if that helps him at all.
(a) Digestive tract.
(b) Flexibility.
(c) Muscle weakness.
(d) Mental state.

9. What kind of storms are raging in the Atlantic before the start of the trans-Atlantic race?
(a) Spring.
(b) Autumn.
(c) Winter.
(d) Summer.

10. How might Callahan be described as he is alone in the sailboat once more on his journey?
(a) Angry.
(b) Anxious.
(c) Scared.
(d) Content.

11. Callahan considers ___________ but decides instead to get started on his journey across the water.
(a) Stocking up.
(b) Going home.
(c) Mooring for a while.
(d) Taking on a passenger.

12. What revives Callahan during his moment of health crisis when he is cleaning a dorado on the boat?
(a) A rogue wave.
(b) A ray of sunshine.
(c) A passing boat.
(d) A prayer.

13. With what does Callahan bail out sea water from the boat as he is drifting in the ocean?
(a) Coffee mug.
(b) His shoe.
(c) Coffee can.
(d) A jelly jar.

14. How high is the water in the boat as it begins to take on water after Callahan wakes up from his deep sleep?
(a) Knee high.
(b) Ankle high.
(c) Waist high.
(d) Neck high.

15. In the dead of the night, Callahan has to fight off _________ in order to make sure that he is safe and secure in his boat.
(a) Thieves.
(b) Sharks.
(c) A storm.
(d) A downpour.

Short Answer Questions

1. What almost overcomes Callahan as he is out on the boat cleaning up a fish so as to not waste any of the parts?

2. What kind of fish does Callahan decide would yield more vitamins and minerals than other fish in the area?

3. Callahan realizes that his survival depends on his ability to make fresh _____________.

4. Catherine often called Callahan a ________ man when they were together, which has led him to little luck with romance.

5. Remembering a conversation with his _________ helps Callahan to maintain a more stoic demeanor on his boat.

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