Adrift: Seventy-Six Days Lost at Sea Test | Mid-Book Test - Easy

Steven Callahan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Callahan scramble to collect when there is a sudden rainfall on his boat?
(a) His dry clothing.
(b) More fish.
(c) Water for drinking.
(d) His journal.

2. What does Callahan do in order to get himself ready for the worsening storm before going to bed?
(a) He gathers extra water.
(b) Nothing.
(c) He signals for help.
(d) An inspection.

3. What wakes Callahan up in the middle of the night and in the middle of the storm after he went to bed?
(a) Loud bang.
(b) Fire.
(c) A light.
(d) His alarm.

4. How much faster can the raft go when Callahan takes the action he does as described in #52?
(a) Two times.
(b) Ten times.
(c) Three times.
(d) Five times.

5. How many men are supposedly able to fit inside of the life raft Callahan now inhabits?
(a) Six.
(b) Two.
(c) Three.
(d) Five.

6. What has caused all of the sores and boils on Callahan's body as he has been sitting in his life raft?
(a) Salt water.
(b) Lack of food.
(c) Lack of water.
(d) A bacterial infection.

7. What does Callahan almost miss while he is distracted by the memories playing out in his mind?
(a) A shark.
(b) His still falling into the sea.
(c) A freighter.
(d) The Coast Guard.

8. Callahan tries to keep his own spirits up by distracting himself with _______ and daydreams.
(a) Singing.
(b) Reading.
(c) Poems.
(d) Jokes.

9. What does Callahan struggle to release as soon as he finds himself in water waist deep?
(a) A box of supplies.
(b) His flares.
(c) His life raft.
(d) The EPIRB.

10. The racers and the supporters of the racers argue the wisdom of sailing against ______________.
(a) Themselves.
(b) A pro like Callahan.
(c) Each other.
(d) Gale force winds.

11. What does Callahan eat on his birthday in order to have a small celebration?
(a) Salmon.
(b) Can of peanuts.
(c) A piece of bread.
(d) A candy bar.

12. Through the fog and freighter traffic, the Napoleon Solo sails into ____________ to start the race.
(a) Italy.
(b) Portugal.
(c) Spain.
(d) France.

13. From where does Callahan begin his adventure to the other side of the ocean on January 29th?
(a) Sicily.
(b) Madrid.
(c) Canaries.
(d) Greece.

14. The power strap of Callahan's _____________ gun has fallen loose and now sinks below the waves.
(a) Ocean.
(b) Harpoon.
(c) BB.
(d) Fishing.

15. What does Callahan use in the hope that he might be found and rescued by its beacon?
(a) EPRIB.
(b) A flare gun.
(c) A bright sail.
(d) An SOS flag.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many pounds of meat are hanging inside the canopy to dry out to be eaten at a later time?

2. What does Callahan successfully kill with a lucky shot, though he is not able to bring it on board?

3. Callahan begins to realize that __________ are another reality he is able to perceive when he is on the boat.

4. With what does Callahan bail out sea water from the boat as he is drifting in the ocean?

5. Training and __________ take over when Callahan is getting himself ready to move to the life raft.

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