Objects & Places from Adrift: Seventy-Six Days Lost at Sea

Steven Callahan
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Object Descriptions

The Napoleon Solo - This item is Callahan's ship, which is designed and built to his own specifications. When it sinks, Callahan is lost at sea.

Rubber Ducky III - This item is the life raft that he lives in for seventy-six days while lost at sea. Although built for six people, it lacks room enough for Callahan to stand or stretch out. It is covered with a low tent canopy.

Solar Still - This item desalinates saltwater. Callahan has two such devices. Maintaining them preoccupies much of his time.

Harpoon Gun - This item, placed in his survival kit on a whim, is his primary means of feeding himself.

Equipment Bags - Callahan is able to salvage two of these from the Napoleon Solo.

Air Pump - Callahan uses one of these devices to keep the ever-deflating raft afloat.

Cushion - One of Callahan's few comforts...

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