Objects & Places from Adrift: Seventy-Six Days Lost at Sea

Steven Callahan
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The Napoleon Solo

This item is Callahan's ship, which is designed and built to his own specifications. When it sinks, Callahan is lost at sea.

Rubber Ducky III

This item is the life raft that he lives in for seventy-six days while lost at sea. Although built for six people, it lacks room enough for Callahan to stand or stretch out. It is covered with a low tent canopy.

Solar Still

This item desalinates saltwater. Callahan has two such devices. Maintaining them preoccupies much of his time.

Harpoon Gun

This item, placed in his survival kit on a whim, is his primary means of feeding himself.

Equipment Bags

Callahan is able to salvage two of these from the Napoleon Solo.

Air Pump

Callahan uses one of these devices to keep the ever-deflating raft afloat.


One of Callahan's few comforts, this item helps soften the blows of dorados...

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