Adrift: Seventy-Six Days Lost at Sea Character Descriptions

Steven Callahan
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Steve Callahan, Rational Self - This character characterizes his psyche as existing in three parts. They are the rational, the emotional, and the physical. He refers to these parts as his crew.

Steve Callahan, Emotional Self - This character threatens to eclipse the efforts of the rational mind. Despite the threat it poses, there is a sense that the emotional self must be treated as a child.

Steve Callahan, Physical Self - Caught in a constant struggle between the emotional and the rational, this character that articulates the will of the mind.

Chris - This character serves as the crew until the race requires the main character to go it alone.

Dorados - These must be eaten for sustenance and the main character comes to regard them as individuals and even friends.

The Coast Guard - This organization has given up the main character for dead. They...

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