Adrift: Seventy-Six Days Lost at Sea Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Steven Callahan
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Introduction and Log of Napoleon Solo

• Callahan talks of his childhood and how he always dreamed of crossing the Atlantic in a small boat.

• Callahan designs the Napoleon Solo to help him achieve his goal.

• Callahan decides to enter the Mini-Transat.

• Storms threaten to delay the race.

• Callahan is caught in a storm and needs to dock on the coast of Spain.

• In a month, Callahan has the boat ready again and takes on Catherine as a crew member.

Nerves Exposed

• Callahan is content sailing on his own.

• Callahan has to get to his life raft if he wants to survive.

• Callahan gathers some necessities and watches his boat sail away.

The Witch and Her Curse: Hunger and Thirst

• Callahan continues to bail water from his life raft.

• Callahan switches on his EPIRB.

• Callahan's skin is affected by the salt water exposure, so he fixes the holes in...

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