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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who told those in Eastern Czechoslovakia to declare independence?
(a) Goebbels.
(b) Hitler.
(c) Stracht.
(d) Troost.

2. Who put pressure on Ribbentrop to sign a deal with Stalin?
(a) Stalin.
(b) The Czechs.
(c) Mussolini.
(d) Hitler.

3. What happened to the time bomb placed on Hitler's plane?
(a) It went off, but Hitler escaped.
(b) It went off and injured Hitler.
(c) Hitler was killed.
(d) It is a dud.

4. Who did Hitler tell that he was looking for union with Austria?
(a) Troost.
(b) Lord Halifax.
(c) Schacht.
(d) Bloomberg.

5. Why was former British Prime Minister Lloyd George impressed with Hitler?
(a) His anti-Jew attitude.
(b) His anti-Soviet attitude.
(c) His economic ideas.
(d) His speeches.

6. What kind of pact did the Soviets and Japan sign?
(a) Tripartite.
(b) Peace.
(c) Joint.
(d) Non-aggression.

7. Who made a deal with Berlin in early 1939?
(a) A member of the Slovak regional government.
(b) Hitler.
(c) Goebbels.
(d) Czechs.

8. How were the Jews sent to concentration camps?
(a) On planes.
(b) In cars.
(c) In box cars.
(d) On buses.

9. What was a Blitzkrieg, according to Hitler?
(a) Lightning strikes.
(b) Art.
(c) A poltical campaign.
(d) Speeches.

10. What was the name of Hitler's boyhood friend?
(a) Rohm.
(b) Goebbels.
(c) Gustl Kubizek.
(d) Strasser.

11. What did Hitler want to do with autobahns?
(a) He wanted to disassemble them.
(b) He wanted to build highways.
(c) He wanted them for expensive cars.
(d) He wanted Russia to help build them.

12. In Italy, what was Mussolini about to seize in 1939?
(a) Eastern Czechoslovakia.
(b) Albania.
(c) Austria.
(d) Russia.

13. Which attack did Rudoph Hess oppose?
(a) Greece.
(b) The one on Russia.
(c) Yugoslavia.
(d) Japan.

14. Where was Hitler almost hurt by a bomb?
(a) At a church.
(b) A lake.
(c) At government offices.
(d) In a beer hall.

15. What was Hitler forced to do after there was a pro-British coup?
(a) Give up.
(b) Make peace with England.
(c) Make peace with Greece.
(d) Attack Yugoslavia.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why was Fritsch ousted?

2. In 1942, why did Hitler rage against Gen. Jodl?

3. What was the Youth Labor Service?

4. Frau Troost was the widow of a man with what kind of career?

5. What did the summer Olympics of 1936 mean for Hitler?

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