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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What party was Alfred Rosenberg the nominal head of for a short time?
(a) The Nazi Party.
(b) The Republican Party.
(c) The Bavarian Party.
(d) The Communist Party.

2. Who did General von Schleicher think he could use Hitler against?
(a) Russia.
(b) The Bavarian government.
(c) England.
(d) The Communists.

3. What was the acronym for Hitler's party?
(a) NDAP.
(b) NAH.
(c) NSDAP.
(d) NSD.

4. What issue did the Nazis run on in July 1932?
(a) Economic paralysis.
(b) War.
(c) Jews.
(d) Corruption.

5. What happened when Hitler supported a no-confidence vote in the von Papen government?
(a) Hitler was run out of the country.
(b) von Papen declared revenge.
(c) Nothing.
(d) New elections were called.

6. How was the Nazi party able to purchase a newspaper?
(a) With funds from a member's wealthy friends.
(b) Adolf's salary.
(c) Dues.
(d) Donations.

7. Who was Chancellor Bruning's successor?
(a) Goring.
(b) Von Papen.
(c) Hitler.
(d) Rohm.

8. How did Hitler try to emulate the new leader of Italy?
(a) Speeches.
(b) Mass marches.
(c) Looks.
(d) Anti-Jewish sentiment.

9. What was Hitler's party most often referred to as?
(a) People's party.
(b) Hitler's party.
(c) Nazis.
(d) Adolf's people.

10. What was the name of the young shopkeeper that came into Hitler's life after he was paroled?
(a) Mitzi.
(b) Eva.
(c) Alois.
(d) Rohm.

11. How old was Hitler's competition in the Feb. 1932 election?
(a) 84.
(b) 64.
(c) 48.
(d) 23.

12. What did Baron Kurt von Schroeder do for Hitler?
(a) Sponsored him.
(b) Gave him political advice.
(c) Counseled him.
(d) Healed him.

13. What did Adolf want to be in a church when he grew up?
(a) A pastor.
(b) A deacon.
(c) A priest.
(d) An usher.

14. What kind of festivals did Adolf like?
(a) Food festivals.
(b) Wine festivals.
(c) Church festivals.
(d) Music festivals.

15. What was the result of Hitler's trial in Munich?
(a) He was found guilty.
(b) It was a hung jury.
(c) He was found not guilty.
(d) The trial was postponed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to the plan for a takeover of Bavaria?

2. What happened at the January 1921 conference of Adolf's party?

3. Who was Alois Hitler?

4. Where was the huge rally Hitler spoke at in September 1923?

5. On what date was Hitler named Chancellor in 1933?

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