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This place is the capital of Austria and was a center of arts and commerce during Hitler's rule.


Hitler moved to this place in 1913, and it is the location of the founding of the Nazi Party.

Linz, Austria

This is small city where Hitler spent part of his youth.

Ypres, Belgium

This place is a village in western Belgium near the North Sea.

The Night of the Long Knives

In this incident, hundreds of Hitler's opponents, both Nazis and those outside the party, were killed. Many SA leaders and former political opponents of Hitler were shot without trial.

The Munich Beer Hall Putsch

This is the event where Hitler first attempted to take power. It occurred in November 1923.

The Hitler-Stalin Pact

This is a non-aggression treaty signed in August 1939 between Germany and the Soviet Union. The agreement had a secret clause that divided Poland between Germany...

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