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Prologue, Part 1, Chapters 1,2,3

• Hitler served in the military, was blinded, and decided to become a politician when he learned Kaiser has been abdicated.
• The book then goes back into Hitler's childhood, where we learn his father was illegitimate and inherited from a man name J.N. Hiedler.
• The Hiedler name was changed to Hitler.
• Hitler's father often beat him, and his mother died when he was a teen.

Part 2, Chapter 4,5,6

• Hitler's party was named the Nazis.
• Several prominent people joined the Nazi Party, and Hitler was speaking to crowds of thousands blaming Jews for all of the country's problems.
• Hitler decided to run his putsch on Nov. 11th, 1923, and the SS and SA were mobilized.
• Hitler ended up in prison and was near suicidal, but Helene Hanfstaengl stopped him from shooting himself.

Chapter 7, 8, 9

• Alfred Rosenberg was the nominal head of the Nazi Party, but Hitler preferred party operations...

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