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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Hornblower's new flagship?

2. Who is Mr. Cloudesley Sharpe?

3. What is another topic of discussion between Sharp and Hornblower?

4. What does Hornblower intend to do?

5. Upon whom does Hornblower decide to keep a close watch?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where has Cambronne actually gone and what prevents Hornblower from following him immediately?

2. How is Hornblower not up to his usual powers of observation and deduction?

3. What is the Daring?

4. What does Sharpe tell Hornblower about who has hired the Daring.

5. How does Hornblower discreetly inform Fell of a possible plan to capture the Estrella del Sur and what is Fell's reaction?

6. What does the governor warn Hornblower about, and how does Hornblower's facile political manipulations set up the captain of the Estrella del Sur?

7. Who commands the Clorinda and what is his financial situation?

8. How large is the fleet Rear Admiral Hornblower commands and why is his flagship one of the lesser vessels?

9. If Cambronne is undertaking the mission which Hornblower believes he is doing, why is Hornblower concerned and what does Hornblower determine to do?

10. Describe the vessel Hornblower's flagship spies.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss one of the following:

1. Define irony in literary terms. Discuss the irony of the situation with Hudnutt and Hornblower with Hornblower being musically deaf and asked to judge an issue that has to do with music. What is the irony of Hornblower's name in this situation? Discuss the irony of Hornblower lying to Cambronne about Napoleon's death and then it being true. How does irony add to the enjoyment of reading?

2. Define symbolism in literary terms. Discuss the use of and meaning of the steam engine, the Napoleonic-era uniforms, the bearskin cap, the name of Ramsbottom's boat after renaming it (Desperate) and the seal of office that Ned Johnson requests on the pirates' pardon.

3. Discuss the use of foreshadowing in literature. What is the purpose of foreshadowing? Cite 3 examples of foreshadowing and how it is used to indicate events to come in ADMIRAL HORNBLOWER IN THE WEST INDIES.

Essay Topic 2

C. S. Forester often uses historical events and facts around which to weave his work of fiction. Discuss the following:

1. Do you think this book qualifies as an historical fiction? Why or why not?

2. If much of the events in the book are historical, what surprises you about the way the events play out?

3. Do you think the culture of that era is more or less advanced than you imagined? Explain.

4. Would you enjoy living in this era? Why or why not.

Essay Topic 3

The plot of Chapter 4 relies heavily upon the regional geopolitical situation existent during the early 1820s in the West Indies. Discuss one of the following:

1. Research and describe the geopolitical situation during the early 1820s in the West Indies. What countries have a political interest in the area? Which countries have colonies in the area? Who is aligned with each other? What tensions are present?

2. Research, describe and analyze the presence of Simón Bolívar in Venezuela during the early 1820s. How does he help bring about Venezuela's independence from Spain? Does his cause seem just? How does he influence the obtaining of independence of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia? How is he viewed today in those countries?

3. Knowing Hornblower's position as an English admiral, how do you think he viewed someone such as Simón Bolívar? What political stand does England take during this time in the West Indies? Is Hornblower likely to have contributed to England maintaining their power in the West Indies? How?

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