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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the one thing Hornblower had not planned upon?
(a) The the sea anchor would cause the Estrella to keel over so badly.
(b) That there would be so much cargo on the Estrella.
(c) That the pintle would be completely jerked off the ship.
(d) That the pintle would hold fast.

2. What cargo does the Estreela del Sur often carry?
(a) Rum and cigars from Cuba.
(b) Slaves.
(c) Tobacco from the Southern states.
(d) Arms and ammo for the war in Brazil.

3. How do the men of the Clorinda construct a large, truncated cone?
(a) With sea sponges.
(b) With sail cloth and sparring.
(c) With bailing wire and silk.
(d) With bailing wire and wool.

4. How do Cambronne's men receive Hornblower's news?
(a) They wail and moan, smash their muskets, and throw them overboard.
(b) They shrug since they never like the fact when Cambronne's wife insists on traveling with them.
(c) They want to know if they will still get paid.
(d) They cheer that they don't have to fight.

5. Where does the Crab intercept the Daring?
(a) At Freeport.
(b) At Cuba's harbor of Guantanamo.
(c) On the open seas.
(d) At Port-au-Prince.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do ships-of-war gain from capturing slave ships?

2. What will break the restraint on the sea anchor?

3. What type of freight will the Daring be taking on shortly?

4. What occupies Clorinda's days?

5. To what is the cone affixed?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the political situation at San Juan and how does this prevent any further action against the Estrella del Sur?

2. What does the governor warn Hornblower about, and how does Hornblower's facile political manipulations set up the captain of the Estrella del Sur?

3. If Cambronne is undertaking the mission which Hornblower believes he is doing, why is Hornblower concerned and what does Hornblower determine to do?

4. How large is the fleet Rear Admiral Hornblower commands and why is his flagship one of the lesser vessels?

5. How does Cambronne verify Hornblower's information and what is the reaction of Cambronne and the ship's crew?

6. How is Hornblower not up to his usual powers of observation and deduction?

7. How does Hornblower encounter the Estrella del Sur's captain and what does Hornblower do?

8. What would enable Fell to profit by the capture of the Estrella del Sur and by how much would he profit?

9. Who commands the Clorinda and what is his financial situation?

10. Describe Fell's decision regarding the Estrella del Sur and the result of the decision.

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