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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Hornblower think he is?
(a) San Juan.
(b) Sunburst County.
(c) Cockpit Country.
(d) Pitfall County.

2. How does Lucy Hough greet Hornblower?
(a) With indifference.
(b) Effusive and confused.
(c) With disdain.
(d) With veiled hostility.

3. Who is Charles Ramsbottom?
(a) Lucy Hough's latest beau.
(b) A very wealthy industrialist who has recently entered society.
(c) Hornblower's third cousin.
(d) A noble turned pirate.

4. How does Spendlove escape?
(a) He tells Johnson he will bring back large sums of money.
(b) He bribes a guard.
(c) He jumps into the water and swims to Montego Bay and then rides a horse.
(d) He does not escape.

5. What do the pirates do?
(a) Kill Johnson.
(b) Fire on the messenger.
(c) Say they will fight to the death.
(d) Surrender.

6. Who is Ned Johnson?
(a) A former member of a pirate band.
(b) The leader of a band of ruffians.
(c) A liberated slaves off a slave ship.
(d) Mr. Hough's butler.

7. What does Hornblower discover about the vessel he boards after talking with the Spanish sailors about Helmond's artillery?
(a) The vessel is abandoned.
(b) The vessel is full of slaves.
(c) The vessel is full of dead men.
(d) The vessel is manned by insurrgents.

8. Who goes into the pirate's caves with a white flag?
(a) Spendlove.
(b) Captain Fell.
(c) Hooper.
(d) Hornblower.

9. Who arrives after Hornblower?
(a) No one.
(b) Captain Fell.
(c) Spendlove.
(d) Mr. Hough.

10. What does Lucy do when she next sees Hornblower?
(a) Slaps him for abandoning Spendlove.
(b) Admits her love and devotion for him.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Gets hysterical and asks about Spendlove.

11. What does Hornblower learn at Curaçao?
(a) That Ramsbottom has left for the United States.
(b) That Bolívar is marching on Puerto Cabello.
(c) That Ramsbottom has secured a new vessel.
(d) That Bolívar is killed several days earlier.

12. What happens while Hornblower is in the garden area during the ball?
(a) He faints from the heat.
(b) He is grabbed, gagged and dragged off at knifepoint.
(c) He is surrounded by a group of young women.
(d) He encounters the captain of the Estrella who punches him out.

13. Why does Hornblower read the letter aloud?
(a) None of the pirates can read.
(b) He wants to make sure it sounds good.
(c) He does not read the letter aloud.
(d) Johnson is checking Hornblower's honesty.

14. What bay does Hornblower look out over where he is sitting on a rocky ledge?
(a) Montego.
(b) Jamaicana.
(c) Metriola.
(d) Hispaneola.

15. What does Hornblower's ship come about as he is cruising the coast?
(a) Abydos Found.
(b) A captured French vessel.
(c) Abydos Lost.
(d) The Bride of Abydos.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Ramsbottom's vessel armed?

2. What does Spendlove do as he recovers?

3. Who does Hornblower believes shares a mutual attraction?

4. Who is Simón Bolívar?

5. What does Hooper flatly reject?

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