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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hornblower offer?
(a) To allow Hooper the use of the Clorinda.
(b) To take care of the problem with the pirates.
(c) To sail up the coast and draw the pirates with him.
(d) To go back and set explosives in the caves.

2. Why does Hornblower read the letter aloud?
(a) Johnson is checking Hornblower's honesty.
(b) He does not read the letter aloud.
(c) He wants to make sure it sounds good.
(d) None of the pirates can read.

3. How does Johnson come across to Hornblower?
(a) As a wily fox.
(b) As a very bright and articulate man.
(c) As formal and disapproving.
(d) As an illiterate and ignorant man, scarcely more than a savage idiot.

4. To where does the Clorinda return?
(a) Curaçao
(b) Puerto Rico.
(c) Cuernavaca.
(d) Puerto Cabello.

5. Who calls on Hornblower back on the Clorinda?
(a) Spanish and Dutch officials.
(b) The captain of the Helmond.
(c) Ramsbottom.
(d) Bolívar.

6. What is the ending scene in Chapter 4?
(a) The Clorinda offering aid to Ramsbottom.
(b) Hornblower going ashore once more to see if he can find Ramsbottom.
(c) Hornblower fleeing to open seas followed by a Spanish frigate.
(d) Hornblower receives another letter from his wife Barbara.

7. What does Hornblower figure out that Ramsbottom has been doing?
(a) Posturing as a British commissioned ship-of-war acting under Hornblower's orders.
(b) Running illegal cargo to South America.
(c) Waiting to leave the area under the protection of Hornblower's squadron.
(d) Running slaves out of the West Indies.

8. What is the implication of Ramsbottom's actions?
(a) Bolívar's march will not be opposed by heavy guns.
(b) There may be war declared between the England and Germany.
(c) There may be war declared between England and Spain.
(d) There may be war declared between the England and Holland.

9. How does Hornblower confound the foreign embassies and get them off his ship?
(a) He is unwilling to speak to the officials when the boat over to the Clorinda.
(b) Using his command of rhetoric and dialogue.
(c) By telling them he will not hesitate to fire upon their vessels.
(d) By giving them many contradictory statements.

10. About what is Hooper furious?
(a) The way Mr. Hough treats Hornblower.
(b) The cost of the search party.
(c) The way Hornblower demands a pardon for the pirates.
(d) The way Hornblower humiliates Lucy.

11. What does Hornblower learn at Curaçao?
(a) That Bolívar is killed several days earlier.
(b) That Ramsbottom has left for the United States.
(c) That Ramsbottom has secured a new vessel.
(d) That Bolívar is marching on Puerto Cabello.

12. What does Hooper order?
(a) A military strike on the pirate's redoubt.
(b) Increased patrols along the coastal areas.
(c) Breakfast for Spendlove.
(d) A medal for Spendlove.

13. Who is Mr. Hough?
(a) The secretary to the English diplomat in Jamaica.
(b) Hornblower's quartermaster.
(c) One of the midshipmen on the Clorinda.
(d) A wealthy local businessman and Jamaican planter.

14. Why won't any of the men take the letter to the governor?
(a) They think Johnson will double cross them.
(b) Too hard a walk.
(c) They think Johnson will tell the governor about the meeting between Lucy and Hornblower.
(d) Fear of imprisonment.

15. Where does Ramsbottom say he is going to sail?
(a) Around Cape Horn.
(b) The Cape Fear area.
(c) The Caribbean.
(d) To California around South America.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Johnson sending to the governor?

2. Who comes into the room when Hooper and Hornblower are having breakfast?

3. Where does Hornblower have the Clorinda's mortar mounted?

4. Where does Hornblower write a brief letter?

5. Where does Hornblower tour the brig?

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