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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sharpe observe about Cambronne's route?
(a) Cambronne will probably go around the Florida Keys.
(b) Cambronne must call at Corpus Christi to embark his men.
(c) Cambronne will probably call at Cuba for more slaves.
(d) Cambronne must ride out the hurricane coming up the Gulf before he can get away completely.

2. Who does Hornblower congratulate on the speed of his ship?
(a) The captain of the Atlas.
(b) The captain of the Daring.
(c) The captain of the HMS Java.
(d) The captain of the Estrella del sur.

3. How does Hornblower deliver the lie to Cambronne?
(a) Using his first mate.
(b) With a stony face and icy reserve.
(c) Through an intermediary.
(d) By signal flags.

4. What has been executed aboard the Clorinda while Hornblower is at the government house?
(a) The Estrella has left port.
(b) The Estrella has burned.
(c) Hornblower's plan has been executed.
(d) The Clorinda has grounded itself.

5. What do ships-of-war gain from capturing slave ships?
(a) Head money.
(b) A citation.
(c) A rotation back to England.
(d) Choice assignments next time.

6. Who hires the Daring?
(a) Cambronne.
(b) Johnson.
(c) Sharpe.
(d) Hornblower.

7. What keeps the sea anchor bundled up until Estrella reaches top speed?
(a) A length of spun yarn.
(b) Two cotter pins.
(c) A length of wire.
(d) Paper wrapping.

8. Ultimately, what happens to the Estrella?
(a) It sinks.
(b) It manages to cut the sea anchor and get away.
(c) Its captain burns it to the waterline.
(d) It is captured.

9. When Cambronne sets sail, what does he employ?
(a) An escort of two American frigates.
(b) Both steam tugs.
(c) A group of slaves.
(d) A company of mercenaries.

10. What does Hornblower hope?
(a) Captain Fell will be quick enough to take advantage of the slowed down Estrella.
(b) That the Estrella will gain the high seas without detecting the sea anchor.
(c) That the Clorinda's increased speed because of off loading its cargo will now be fast enough to catch the Estrella.
(d) That the captain of the Estrella will be too drunk to sail well.

11. How do Hornblower and Fell differ in their opinion of the situation?
(a) Fell believes the Estrella is out of reach but Hornblower believes otherwise.
(b) Both Hornblower and Fell believe the Estrella is out of reach.
(c) Both Hornblower and Fell believe the Estrella can be taken without an ensuing problem.
(d) Hornblower believes the Estrella is out of reach but Fell believes otherwise.

12. Why is Hornblower in New Orleans?
(a) To talk to a French general.
(b) To oversee the construction of a new frigate.
(c) To meet up with his wife.
(d) To pay an official courtesy visit.

13. Of what does the Governor remind Hornblower?
(a) Of the fact that he met Hornblower's wife while she was still married to Admiral Leighton.
(b) The last time Hornblower was in San Juan.
(c) The rules of engagement.
(d) Of the time the French broke the rules of engagement and what happened.

14. To what is the cone affixed?
(a) A bollard on the Clorinda.
(b) The dock.
(c) A length of chain.
(d) An old, sunken ship.

15. Of what is Hornblower suspicious?
(a) The mission of the Daring.
(b) The motives of Johnson.
(c) The ability of the United States to regulate their merchants.
(d) Sharpe's good intentions.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Hornblower's new flagship?

2. What does Cambronne bewail?

3. What would happen should Clorinda capture Estrella del Sur close to San Juan?

4. What does Hornblower instruct the men of the Crab to do?

5. Who realizes immediately that the chase for Estrella del Sur is futile?

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