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Essay Topic 1

Most protagonists are a mixture of admirable traits and character flaws, and Admiral Horatio Hornblower is no exception. Hornblower's legendary power of reasoning is juxtaposed with his nervousness and internalized self-doubt. Discuss the following:

1. Trace and analyze situations when Hornblower demonstrates his prodigious powers of reasoning. Give specific examples to illustrate your analysis.

2. Trace and analyze Hornblower's character flaws, especially his nervousness and self-doubt, offering specific examples of these flaws in your discussion.

3. Discuss how you think Hornblower's admirable traits helped him obtain a high rank in the Navy, and how Hornblower hides his character flaws so they have not impeded his career. Do any of those under his command seem to notice these flaws? Who? How does the reader know this?

Essay Topic 2

Because this novel centers around life at sea, it is quite helpful to have a basic understanding of nautical terminology and the...

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