Admiral Hornblower in the West Indies Character Descriptions

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Rear Admiral Lord Horatio Hornblower

This character is in the British Navy, serving as commander-in-chief of the West Indies station.

His Britannic Majesty's Consul-General Mr. Cloudesley Sharpe

This character is the Consul-General at New Orleans and functions well within that limited sphere.

Lieutenant General the Count of Cambronne

This character is a French military man and veteran of the Napoleonic wars and a devoted Bonapartist.

Captain Sir Thomas Fell

This character, captain of Clorinda, received his knighthood after a desperate frigate action in 1813.

Mr. Erasmus Spendlove

This character is Hornblower's devoted and loyal secretary.

Governor Augustus Hooper

This character is the crude and domineering governor of Jamaica and lives at Government House in Kingston.

Ned Johnson

This character is the nominal leader of the pirate band which kidnaps Hornblower and Spendlove in Chapter 3.

Charles Ramsbottom

This character is a very wealthy English industrialist.


This character is a...

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