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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Van's earliest memory?
(a) A chunk of plaster falling into his cradle.
(b) The smell of bacon and coffee.
(c) A dog running off with his toy.
(d) His father pacing back and forth before his crib.

2. What does Ada think of Van's change in weight?
(a) She dislikes that he's grown fat.
(b) She likes that he's grown skinny.
(c) She likes that there's more of him.
(d) She thinks he's so skinny, he'll fade away.

3. Where does Van track down Rack?
(a) Rack is in the hospital where Van is sent.
(b) Van tracks down Rack at a hotel, where he is with a lover.
(c) Van finds Rack at his music shop.
(d) Rack is at his children's school when Van finds him.

4. What did the artillery officer played by Kim Eskimossoff do for comic effect?
(a) Shot a gun.
(b) Juggled objects.
(c) Tap-danced.
(d) Took photographs.

5. What name does Van have for frightening dreams?
(a) Dim-doom.
(b) Terra-terrors.
(c) Van-visions.
(d) End-edens.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sense does Van relate to time?

2. What does Van not bother to put on before heading out to meet Ada?

3. What is the best Franco-Estonian restaurant in Manhattan Major?

4. To whom does Van send the flowers he buys while waiting for Ada?

5. At the Villa Venus where Van goes for the last time, what causes the grand piano to play?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Van think he is sterile?

2. What does Van propose about the future in his treatise on time?

3. How does Van respond to an invitation to dine at the Captain's table?

4. How did Percy de Prey die?

5. What does Van write about in his unsent letter to Ada?

6. In Marina's last days, why is Van planning a trip to America?

7. What plan does Lucette propose to Van?

8. What does Ada's letter say she will do if Van doesn't allow her to come live with him?

9. How does Demon discover that Van is living with Ada?

10. How does Van gain the post of Rattner Chair of Philosophy at University of Kingston?

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