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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many copies of Van's book are sold in the first year?
(a) Six hundred.
(b) Six thousand.
(c) Six.
(d) Sixty.

2. What word does Greg seem to like to use?
(a) Horrid.
(b) Awful.
(c) Grotesque.
(d) Terrible.

3. Who chooses the girls at Villa Venus?
(a) The Head Venus Luminary.
(b) David van Veen.
(c) A beautiful, lesbian house-mother.
(d) Councils of Elderly Noblemen.

4. What is Van's purpose in writing his book about time?
(a) To model with time the evolution of love.
(b) To make money.
(c) To clarify his own understanding of time.
(d) To make clear to the world the reality of time he's discovered.

5. What are the "three C's" Lucette says were talked about at Ada's house?
(a) Children, country, and complaints.
(b) Comedy, Coleridge, and cabbage.
(c) Cactuses, cattle, and cooking.
(d) Cubism, communism, and cabaret.

6. What symptom causes Andrey to go to the doctor?
(a) He coughs up blood.
(b) He has piercing headaches.
(c) His right arm is numb.
(d) He gets dizzy.

7. How does Van feel about Ada when he first sees her after her husband's death?
(a) He is frightened yet tantalized by her.
(b) He is depressed with her lack of changes.
(c) He is excited and can't wait to get her alone.
(d) He is put off by the physical changes in her.

8. What is Van doing while he stays at Cordula's?
(a) Beginning to write his first book.
(b) Learning to master chess.
(c) Beginning to learn to paint.
(d) Composing songs.

9. Does Ada allow Van to send his apologetic letter to Lucette?
(a) Yes, but reluctantly and with a critical postscript.
(b) Yes, she feels the same as he does.
(c) No, but he secretly sends it anyway.
(d) No, she rips it up and throws it away.

10. What department does Van study in at Kingston University, Mayne, in the Fall of 1892?
(a) Art Terrapy Department.
(b) Terraputic Development Department.
(c) Department of New Terrapists.
(d) Department of Terrapy.

11. What causes Eberthella Brown to spill her coffee?
(a) A rude joke.
(b) A ringing phone.
(c) A caterpillar.
(d) An earthquake.

12. On what deck of the boat does Van initially find Lucette?
(a) The forecastle deck.
(b) The promeade deck.
(c) The main deck.
(d) The sun deck.

13. What part does Ada play in the film "The Young and the Doomed"?
(a) A barmaid.
(b) A murdering widow.
(c) A pair of twins.
(d) A governess.

14. Who is Van's second for the duel?
(a) Johnny.
(b) Benjamin.
(c) Paulo.
(d) Karl.

15. What does Van insist on doing to avoid going to bed the first night on the cruise?
(a) Going to a pool party.
(b) Seeing a comedy show.
(c) Going to a dance.
(d) Seeing a film.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Demon die?

2. Who does Van have read and forward his letter to Ada about Lucette's death?

3. How does Lucette say she feels when she runs into Van?

4. Who does the woman on the boat mistake Van for?

5. What type of fur coat does Ada wear?

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