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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kim Beuharnais use to extort money from Ada?
(a) Photographs of her and Van.
(b) Photographs of her and Lucette.
(c) Photographs of her and Percy.
(d) Photography of her and Rank.

2. What does Van tell Lucette when she calls to ask to come to his room?
(a) That he's not alone.
(b) That he's going to sleep.
(c) That he's going out.
(d) That he doesn't want to see her.

3. What does Van invite Lucette to do?
(a) Go out to dinner with him and spend the night.
(b) Come stay at his Manhattan flat with him.
(c) Travel with him to Paris and London.
(d) Come to Ardis Hall with him.

4. What does Ada think of Van's change in weight?
(a) She likes that there's more of him.
(b) She thinks he's so skinny, he'll fade away.
(c) She dislikes that he's grown fat.
(d) She likes that he's grown skinny.

5. Who does Van have read and forward his letter to Ada about Lucette's death?
(a) Cordula.
(b) His former governess.
(c) Ada's husband.
(d) His father.

6. What does VPL stand for?
(a) Veen Partners Limited.
(b) Variegated Plastic Linings.
(c) Valuing Personal Liabilities.
(d) Very Private Letters.

7. At the Villa Venus where Van goes for the last time, what causes the grand piano to play?
(a) Rats.
(b) Clockworks.
(c) Ghosts.
(d) Birds.

8. What names does Nabokov use for the world of the novel?
(a) Demonia and Antiterra.
(b) Elysium and Hel.
(c) Terrafirma and Terraductile.
(d) Shadia and Paradisia.

9. What word does Greg seem to like to use?
(a) Awful.
(b) Horrid.
(c) Terrible.
(d) Grotesque.

10. Where does Demon say that Lucette was, when he let her know about Dan's death?
(a) Germany.
(b) France.
(c) Italy.
(d) Spain.

11. What example does Van use in discussing order or succession in our perception of the past?
(a) Remembering whether his razor has been used once or twice.
(b) Remembering what days to take medicine.
(c) Remembering what he had to eat on previous days.
(d) Remembering whether he has previously worn a tie.

12. What does the research assistant leave near Muldoon that reveals the blind man perceives colors?
(a) Colored lights.
(b) Colored pencils.
(c) A prism.
(d) Paints.

13. Where is Lucette staying in New York?
(a) The Savoy Hotel.
(b) Van's apartment.
(c) The Winster Hotel for Young Ladies.
(d) A rented brownstone.

14. What does Van insist on doing to avoid going to bed the first night on the cruise?
(a) Seeing a film.
(b) Going to a dance.
(c) Seeing a comedy show.
(d) Going to a pool party.

15. What is Van's purpose in writing his book about time?
(a) To make clear to the world the reality of time he's discovered.
(b) To model with time the evolution of love.
(c) To make money.
(d) To clarify his own understanding of time.

Short Answer Questions

1. After meeting with Demon, does Van believe he should part with Ada?

2. Which of the following is NOT the name of one of Van's books?

3. How does Lucette say she feels when she runs into Van?

4. What causes Eberthella Brown to spill her coffee?

5. To what drink does Van attribute his boyish look?

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