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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Demon sees Ada, what about her appearance can he not bear?
(a) Her braided hair.
(b) Her lipstick.
(c) Her shoes.
(d) Her dress.

2. Who made up the games that Ana describes in Chapter 8?
(a) Van.
(b) Lucette.
(c) Ana.
(d) The governess.

3. What feature of Van's and Ada's is extremely similar?
(a) Their hands.
(b) Their noses.
(c) Their eyes.
(d) Their lips.

4. Who is Van's first sexual experience with?
(a) A prostitute who works as a barmaid.
(b) A prostitute and young helper at the corner shop.
(c) A girl in his class at school.
(d) A girl who works at the movie theater.

5. In what Manhattan landmark building did Dan propose to Marina in 1871?
(a) The first Manhattan brownstone.
(b) The first ten-floor Manhattan building.
(c) The first Manhattan glass-walled building.
(d) The first commercial apartment building in Manhattan.

6. What does Ada say about the roses Percy gives her?
(a) She is allergic to roses.
(b) She hates roses.
(c) She likes roses, but not as much as daisies.
(d) She adoes roses.

7. What does Blanche tell Van?
(a) That the governess knows of Van and Ada's affair.
(b) That Ada has slept with someone else.
(c) That Marina is having an affair with Pedro.
(d) That Lucette is planning to run away with him.

8. Where do Ada and Van go, where Van compares Ada's body to the girlish body of the past?
(a) A small island in Lake Ladore.
(b) A mushroom cave behind a small wood.
(c) The stables where the horses are kept.
(d) A tumbled down tower in a meadow.

9. What does Ada think of telling Lucette, to get her to leave Van alone?
(a) That Van is secretly a woman.
(b) That Van is gay.
(c) That Van is her uterine brother.
(d) That Van detests her.

10. Who walks in on Ada and Van making love?
(a) Marina.
(b) Dan.
(c) Lucette.
(d) Blanche.

11. Why does Ada tell stories at meals?
(a) To impress Van.
(b) To distract herself from the awful food.
(c) To prevent her mother from overtaking the conversation.
(d) To show off her superiority to Lucette.

12. Why does Demon duel Baron d'Onsky?
(a) He was having an affair with Marina.
(b) He spread rumors about Demon.
(c) He spread rumors about Marina.
(d) He cheated Demon in a business deal.

13. Which of the following authors do Van and Ada like?
(a) Marquis de Sade.
(b) Heinrch Muller.
(c) Rabelais.
(d) Herr Masoch.

14. What gift does Dan give Ada for her birthday?
(a) A book.
(b) A bracelet.
(c) Monogramed handkerchiefs.
(d) A box of mints.

15. What garment of clothing does Van chide Ada for not wearing?
(a) Gloves.
(b) Skirts.
(c) Hats.
(d) Underwear.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Van takes a walk after first arriving at Ardis Hall, who does he run into?

2. What color are Ada's eyes?

3. What does Marina suspect might be Van's reason for leaving?

4. How does Van act toward Ada in Chapter 32?

5. What is the "lolita" that Ada wears?

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