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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What game did Van win in a match against Pat Rishin at Chose in 1887?
(a) Chess.
(b) Mah-jong.
(c) Cribbage.
(d) Go.

2. What meaning does Marina put on Ada's black jumper and black skirt?
(a) Untouchable angel of death.
(b) In mourning for a lost flower.
(c) Undertaker to the insecta.
(d) Deep and perilous void of mystery.

3. What does Marina suspect might be Van's reason for leaving?
(a) His father is ill.
(b) He is eloping with Blanche.
(c) He has left a girlfriend in London.
(d) He is angry at something she said.

4. After playing a game, Van tries to get Lucette to go to bed and promises to bring her something. What does he promise to bring her?
(a) Cocoa.
(b) A toy.
(c) A hand-mirror.
(d) Candy.

5. What question of Van's does Ada not answer in Chapter 12?
(a) What the difference is between town and country.
(b) What she dreams about at night.
(c) What the third Real Thing is.
(d) What she feels about him.

6. What is the "eremitic reality or collective dream" Van discusses in his dissertation called?
(a) Elysium.
(b) Terra.
(c) Alluvium.
(d) Arcadia.

7. What does Blanche tell Van?
(a) That Lucette is planning to run away with him.
(b) That Ada has slept with someone else.
(c) That the governess knows of Van and Ada's affair.
(d) That Marina is having an affair with Pedro.

8. Where do Ada and Van go, where Van compares Ada's body to the girlish body of the past?
(a) A tumbled down tower in a meadow.
(b) A mushroom cave behind a small wood.
(c) A small island in Lake Ladore.
(d) The stables where the horses are kept.

9. Where do Ada and Van lock up Lucette, ostensibly playing hide and seek, so that they can be alone?
(a) In her bedroom.
(b) In a closet.
(c) In the attic.
(d) In a bathroom.

10. When Van takes a walk after first arriving at Ardis Hall, who does he run into?
(a) His aunt and his father.
(b) His two cousins, Ada and Lucette.
(c) Dark Veen.
(d) His former governess and his cousin Lucette.

11. Why does Greg come to Marina's house?
(a) To take Ada to a dance.
(b) To take a horseback riding lesson.
(c) To return Marina's lighter.
(d) To lend the governess a book.

12. Who made up the games that Ana describes in Chapter 8?
(a) Lucette.
(b) Van.
(c) Ana.
(d) The governess.

13. On his way to catch the train to Luga, Mayne, to resume school, what excuse does Van make to stop the car to meet Ada?
(a) Buying a new hat and coat.
(b) Washing in a stream.
(c) Buying a book for Marina.
(d) Picking some mushrooms for his father.

14. Where does Percy de Prey ask Van to meet him?
(a) At the creek in the woods.
(b) At the islet in Lake Ladore.
(c) At Maidenhair Road and Tourbiure Lane.
(d) At the stables behind Ardis Hall.

15. At sixteen, who does Ada say she's older than?
(a) Her grandmother at the time of her first divorce.
(b) Her father when he took his third lover.
(c) Her aunt when she first went into the asylum.
(d) Her mother when she first gave birth.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Van's father offer to try to buy for him?

2. Over the thirteen years preceding Aqua's death, how much does Van calculate that he's spent with her?

3. What doctor does Ada go to visit?

4. What does Ada think of telling Lucette, to get her to leave Van alone?

5. What gift does Dan give Ada for her birthday?

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