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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What meaning does Marina put on Ada's black jumper and black skirt?
(a) In mourning for a lost flower.
(b) Undertaker to the insecta.
(c) Untouchable angel of death.
(d) Deep and perilous void of mystery.

2. In what Manhattan landmark building did Dan propose to Marina in 1871?
(a) The first ten-floor Manhattan building.
(b) The first Manhattan glass-walled building.
(c) The first Manhattan brownstone.
(d) The first commercial apartment building in Manhattan.

3. What feature of Ada does Van most delight in?
(a) Her forehead.
(b) Her neck.
(c) Her nose.
(d) Her eyebrows.

4. What does Ada say about the roses Percy gives her?
(a) She likes roses, but not as much as daisies.
(b) She is allergic to roses.
(c) She hates roses.
(d) She adoes roses.

5. What happens to the weather during Demon's dinner with Marina, Van, and Ada?
(a) It begins to hail.
(b) A violent windstorm errupts.
(c) It begins to snow.
(d) It begins to thunder and lightning.

6. At sixteen, who does Ada say she's older than?
(a) Her grandmother at the time of her first divorce.
(b) Her aunt when she first went into the asylum.
(c) Her mother when she first gave birth.
(d) Her father when he took his third lover.

7. When writing her husband from sanatoriums, Aqua sometimes used a Russian term meaning what?
(a) Bursting memories.
(b) Sickening sadness.
(c) Heart rending sounds.
(d) Rays of hope.

8. In what language does Van write letters to his mother?
(a) English.
(b) German.
(c) French.
(d) Italian.

9. Where do Ada and Van go, where Van compares Ada's body to the girlish body of the past?
(a) A small island in Lake Ladore.
(b) A mushroom cave behind a small wood.
(c) The stables where the horses are kept.
(d) A tumbled down tower in a meadow.

10. What does Dack run through the house with?
(a) A hambone from the kitchen.
(b) Cottonwool soaked with blood.
(c) Clothes from Van's room.
(d) A bird he has caught in the garden.

11. What doctor does Ada go to visit?
(a) An oral surgeon.
(b) A gynecologist.
(c) A podiatrist.
(d) A heart specialist.

12. Who shows Van around his aunt's house?
(a) Ada.
(b) Lucette.
(c) The governness.
(d) Marina.

13. Where was Van born?
(a) Italy.
(b) Switzerland.
(c) Austria.
(d) Germany.

14. What does Marina have in her screwdrivers instead of orange juice?
(a) Apple juice.
(b) Grapefruit juice.
(c) Tomato juice.
(d) Lime juice.

15. What does Ana raise?
(a) Rabbits.
(b) Insects.
(c) Mice.
(d) Birds.

Short Answer Questions

1. What gymnastic trick does Van help Lucette do?

2. In 1888, when Van visits Ardis Hall, what gift does he carry in his pocket?

3. What color are Ada's eyes?

4. When Demon sees Ada, what about her appearance can he not bear?

5. How do Ada and Van keep their correspondence secret?

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