Ada; or, Ardor: A Family Chronicle Character Descriptions

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Ivan Veen

This character first visits Ardis Hall at thirteen, meeting two supposed cousins there, and falls in love with one of them, sparking a lifelong incestuous relationship that lasts throughout this character's career as an author an psychologist.

Adelaide Veen

At twelve years of age, this character meets a supposed cousin, and they fall in love and have a life-long incestuous relationship that lasts through long separations and jealousies caused by this character's sexual affairs with others.

Marina Veen

This character is an actor who lives in California and at Ardis Hall, and is a parent to three children, though one is raised by this character's sibling.

Lucette Veen

This sibling of one of the main characters never marries but becomes desperate for the love of the other main character and ultimately commits suicide by jumping overboard off a cruise ship.

Aqua Veen

This character is the...

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