Ada; or, Ardor: A Family Chronicle Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Book One, Chapters 1-5

• Marina, an actress, has an affair with Demon Veen, but they don't marry because she refuses to give up the stage.
• Demon marries Marina's mentally ill sister Aqua who eventually kills herself, and they raise Van Veen, Marina and Dan's illegitimate son.

• As a young teenager, Van visits Ardis Hall, home of Marian and Van's two "cousins" Lucette and Ada.

Book One, Chapters 6-13

• Van accustoms himself to life at Ardis, experiencing an attraction to Blanche, a maid and playing with his 'cousin" Ada, who collects insects and studies flora.
• Van and Ada experience increasing attraction, with Ada celebrating her twelfth birthday with a picnic.

Book I, Chapters 14-20

• Van and Ada, after an extended period of kissing and tantalizing caresses, become lovers one night when everyone is called out of the house because of a fire in the barn.
• Van and Ada keep...

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