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Short Answer Questions

1. Who takes on the care of the farm at the end of the book?

2. Where does Jethro decide to live at the end of the book?

3. Who led the Union Army in the battle of Gettysburg?

4. Where do people come from to help repair the Creighton barn?

5. Why are the people frustrated with the Union Army in Chapter 7?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jethro get upset about when the men are talking after building the new barn?

2. What does Shadrach write to Jethro about in Chapter 11?

3. How do Jenny and Jethro follow what is happening in the war?

4. Where does John see Bill, and why?

5. What happens that ruins the peace in Jethro's life after the war is ended?

6. What happens when men gather to build the Creightons' a new barn?

7. Where does Jethro go at the end of the book and why?

8. Who is the first in the area to return from the war, and what news does he bring?

9. What happens when Jethro hears strange noises from the woods while working in the fields one day?

10. How does the county help the Creightons after their barn is burned down?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Despair is a theme that is placed in a number of sensitive places in the plot. What are some of these places, and what role does despair play in this book?

Essay Topic 2

Shame and propriety are common themes throughout this book. What are some of the instances where these themes are present, and why are they so important to the characters involved?

Essay Topic 3

Ross Milton was a minor character whose presence made a big difference in the plot. How did he accomplish this? What are some ways that his presence, however brief, alters the outcome of the plot? What would have happened differently if he had not been in the book at all?

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