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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Muriel tell Macon she's never been?

2. According to Muriel, what can't Norman handle regarding Alexander?

3. How does Macon spend his time after returning from his trip?

4. What is Sarah wearing on the drive back from their vacation?

5. What does Julian realize about Macon when he sees him at his childhood home?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happened to Macon and Sarah's son, Ethan?

2. What does Macon feel about Sarah at Rose and Julian's wedding?

3. In Chapter 12, Macon begins to spend a lot of time with Muriel. What is Rose's response to his absence from home and why is it significant?

4. What realization does Macon come to in Paris?

5. In the car, how are Macon and Sarah's physical appearance symbolic of the state of their marriage?

6. What have Macon and Sarah gone through over the past year?

7. At Rose's and Julian's wedding, why is Macon worried that he's attracted to women like his mother?

8. What does Julian invite Macon and Muriel to and why is it significant?

9. At the Old Bay restaurant, what does Sarah tell Macon she wants and what does she think of him?

10. When Macon's neighbor, Garner Bolt, visits him, what does he reveal people's perception of Macon?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the novel, Macon and Rose share many similarities. Like Macon, Rose doesn't like change and chooses a partner who is very different from herself. Discuss Rose as a character and her decision to move back home to take care of her brothers.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss conflict in "The Accidental Tourist," discussing the following scenarios:

1. Macon's conflict with society.

2. Macon's conflict with Sarah.

3. Macon's conflict with Muriel.

4. Macon's conflict with himself.

Essay Topic 3

Macon's inability to communicate presents major difficulties for him. Discuss the psychological reasons behind his withdrawal from those around him, and the ramifications of his actions, beginning with his marriage to Sarah to the present day.

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