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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Macon do while waiting for a flight back home from his first trip in the novel?

2. What happens at the restaurant Macon goes to in New York?

3. What does Sarah want to pick up at the house?

4. At his childhood home, what does Macon give Julian that Julian has NOT asked for?

5. What do Macon and Susan discuss at dinner?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Sarah call Macon while he's traveling in Canada?

2. In Chapter 6, why is Macon's typing interrupted?

3. According to Macon, what was his mother like while he was growing up and how did she approach parenting?

4. How does Edward respond to Muriel and her training lessons?

5. What does Muriel do as she trains Edward and what kind of personality does she have?

6. In the car, how are Macon and Sarah's physical appearance symbolic of the state of their marriage?

7. According to Muriel, how did the birth of her son, Alexander, impact her marriage?

8. In Philadelphia, what does Porter's daughter, Susan, tell Macon about Ethan?

9. When Macon's neighbor, Garner Bolt, visits him, what does he reveal people's perception of Macon?

10. What kind of writer is Macon and who does he write for?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the Leary Family and the Dugan Family. Discuss the following in terms of their function or dysfunction, their relationship to society and one another, and how Macon and Muriel fit in or don't it with them:

1. The roles of mothers.

2. The roles of fathers.

3. The roles of siblings.

Essay Topic 2

Grief plays a large role in the dissolution and reconciliation of Macon and Sarah's marriage. Discuss how Macon and Sarah experience grief in the novel, and how each recovers from their loss.

Essay Topic 3

What is an accidental tourist?

1. Define each term and their connotations.

2. Besides Macon, who else is an accidental tourist?

3. What is the overall message or meaning of this concept?

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