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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Paris, what does Macon try to avoid?
(a) Muriel.
(b) American restaurants.
(c) Tourist traps.
(d) Julian.

2. After the storm, what does Macon discover when he goes to his house?
(a) Macon's living room is destroyed.
(b) Macon's house is fine.
(c) Macon's roof has collapsed.
(d) Macon's kitchen is on fire.

3. Why does Macon yell at the cab driver in Paris?
(a) Macon spots Muriel hailing a cab.
(b) The cab driver is lost.
(c) The cab driver gives him the wrong change.
(d) Macon is going to miss his plane.

4. What does Macon stop on his walk with Edward?
(a) Muriel before she goes to work.
(b) A child running across the street.
(c) Children teasing Alexander.
(d) Neighbors fighting on the lawn.

5. What happens when Macon lifts the receiver to call Muriel and apologize?
(a) The words freeze in Macon's mouth.
(b) Macon decides to go to dinner with her after all.
(c) Edward distracts Macon with his barking.
(d) Rose and Julian show up at his door.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Charles tell Macon regarding his relationship with Muriel?

2. What is unsettling to Macon about Muriel?

3. What announcement does Muriel make to Macon as they are browsing thrift stores?

4. What is significant about the subdivision Muriel's parents live in?

5. Why does Muriel leave messages for Macon all over the house?

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