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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Macon lifts the receiver to call Muriel and apologize?
(a) Macon decides to go to dinner with her after all.
(b) Rose and Julian show up at his door.
(c) The words freeze in Macon's mouth.
(d) Edward distracts Macon with his barking.

2. Why does Rose move back in with her brothers?
(a) Because she had a fight with Julian.
(b) Because she and Julian broke up.
(c) Because Julian is away on business.
(d) Because their lives are a mess since she got married.

3. Who does Macon run into while out with Alexander?
(a) Muriel's ex-husband.
(b) His mother-in-law.
(c) His high-school sweetheart.
(d) His neighbor.

4. What is Macon's reaction to Muriel's announcement while they are browsing thrift stores?
(a) Macon is angry at Muriel's irresponsible behavior.
(b) Macon is glad Muriel has a new job.
(c) Macon is upset that Muriel is leaving him.
(d) Macon is happy that Muriel will have more time to spend with him.

5. Where does Rose and Julian's wedding ceremony take place?
(a) In a rented hall.
(b) At the courthouse.
(c) At a Lutheran church.
(d) Outside at the Leary household.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Paris, what does Macon try to avoid?

2. What is the horrible thought Macon has at Rose and Julian's wedding?

3. Why does Julian ask Macon for advice regarding his marriage to Rose?

4. What does Macon stop on his walk with Edward?

5. Who does Muriel threaten with a shotgun?

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