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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the misunderstanding between Macon and Muriel?
(a) Macon thinks Muriel is upset about him not training Edward and Muriel doesn't care.
(b) Muriel thinks Macon isn't training Edward and Macon is training him.
(c) Muriel doesn't think Macon wants her to bring her kid to training and Macon wants her to.
(d) Muriel thinks Macon is upset that she has a kid and Macon doesn't like what she's doing with Edward.

2. Why does Macon want his cast to cover him from head to toe?
(a) So that Macon can hide forever.
(b) So that Sarah will feel sorry for Macon and come back.
(c) So that Macon never has to travel again.
(d) So that Macon can be taken care of by Rose.

3. Why does Muriel have trouble running the credit card through the embossing machine?
(a) It is a new machine, and she hasn't learned how to use it yet.
(b) Macon's credit card is worn from use.
(c) She is distracted by dogs barking.
(d) She is trying to spare her manicure.

4. What does Macon do after Sarah has left the restaurant?
(a) Macon pays for the bill and meets Sarah at her place.
(b) Macon asks the waiter to box his leftovers and drives home.
(c) Macon waits for Sarah to return with the car.
(d) Macon finishes his dinner and calls Rose to pick him up.

5. How do his neighbors react to the news that Sarah has left?
(a) They ignore him when he waves hello.
(b) They don't know Sarah has left him.
(c) They begin to call him day and night.
(d) They invite him to potluck dinners.

Short Answer Questions

1. At his childhood home, what does Macon give Julian that Julian has NOT asked for?

2. How does Macon occupy his time on the plane on his first trip in the novel?

3. What does Edward do when Julian tries to leave?

4. How does Macon respond to Charles being locked in the pantry?

5. What surprises Macon and Muriel as they are talking about her son and ex-husband?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Macon call Muriel in Chapter 19 and what is her response?

2. Briefly describe Macon's relationship with Muriel and Alexander in Chapter 14.

3. In Chapter 17, why is the story Muriel tells Macon about a man she "cured" who left her?

4. What is Muriel's response to her mother's revelations about her and what does she give Macon?

5. Why does Sarah call Macon while he's traveling in Canada?

6. In Philadelphia, what does Porter's daughter, Susan, tell Macon about Ethan?

7. Recount Macon's trip to England, paying close attention to his specific habits and goals.

8. Why does Macon return to his childhood home in Chapter 5?

9. How does Macon feel about Muriel?

10. In Chapter 12, Macon begins to spend a lot of time with Muriel. What is Rose's response to his absence from home and why is it significant?

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