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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What year do Macon and Sarah meet?
(a) 1958.
(b) 1948.
(c) 1978.
(d) 1968.

2. Why is Muriel not at work when Macon calls?
(a) Because she is sick.
(b) Because she's at lunch.
(c) Because her son is sick.
(d) Because she quit.

3. Why is Charles locked in the pantry when Macon can't reach Sarah in New York?
(a) Edward attacked him and Charles thought it was the safest place.
(b) Rose locked Charles in after a big fight.
(c) Charles locked himself in after an argument with Porter.
(d) Charles accidently locked himself in while getting a can of soup.

4. What does Macon do after Sarah has left the restaurant?
(a) Macon waits for Sarah to return with the car.
(b) Macon pays for the bill and meets Sarah at her place.
(c) Macon asks the waiter to box his leftovers and drives home.
(d) Macon finishes his dinner and calls Rose to pick him up.

5. According to Macon, what does his mother treat like a religion?
(a) Honesty.
(b) Change.
(c) Cleanliness.
(d) Rules.

Short Answer Questions

1. What's significant about the country Grandfather Leary says he's sailing to?

2. Where are Macon and Sarah returning from their vacation?

3. What is Macon wearing when he first meets Sarah?

4. Where does Macon take Edward to after leaving the kennel?

5. What does Edward do when Julian tries to leave?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Macon's dream about his grandfather.

2. Recount Macon's trip to England, paying close attention to his specific habits and goals.

3. What does Muriel tell Macon about herself in Chapter 7?

4. What happened to Macon and Sarah's son, Ethan?

5. Why do the Learys disapprove of Macon's relationship with Muriel?

6. How does Macon respond to Muriel's story about her son and why?

7. After Macon returns home from London, why does Muriel Pritchett call him?

8. In Chapter 11, why doesn't Macon want to have dinner with her and her son?

9. When Macon returns to Baltimore, where does he go and why is it significant?

10. What is the series of books Macon writes called and why is it significant?

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