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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is one thing that Macon does NOT schedule?
(a) Sleeping.
(b) Working.
(c) Traveling.
(d) Eating.

2. How do the Leary children react to the news that they are not going to be world travelers?
(a) They are understanding.
(b) They refuse to talk about it.
(c) They are despondent.
(d) They couldn't be happier.

3. What is Macon's injury?
(a) A broken leg.
(b) A fractured wrist.
(c) A fractured ankle.
(d) A broken arm.

4. Where does Macon pull over?
(a) A BP station.
(b) A Texaco station.
(c) A McDonald's.
(d) A gravel road.

5. Why does Sarah want Macon to pull over?
(a) She wants to drive.
(b) She wants to wait out the storm under an overpass.
(c) She wants to get a blanket from the trunk.
(d) She has to go to the bathroom.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Macon like to travel?

2. According to Garner, how does Macon react to the neighbors' offers of help after Edward dies?

3. Why does Macon stay at his childhood home after his injury?

4. According to Macon, what is a huge waste of energy?

5. How does Macon spend his time after returning from his trip?

Short Essay Questions

1. Briefly describe Macon's relationship with Muriel and Alexander in Chapter 14.

2. Why does Macon keep Edward, and what does he agree to?

3. What is Muriel's response to her mother's revelations about her and what does she give Macon?

4. What does Macon feel about Sarah at Rose and Julian's wedding?

5. On Christmas, what does Muriel's mother, Mrs. Dugan, tell Macon about her daughter?

6. How does Macon feel about his marriage to Sarah in Chapter 8?

7. What is significant about Macon's visit to a restaurant at the top of a sky-scraper in New York?

8. What have Macon and Sarah gone through over the past year?

9. In Chapter 8, what are Macon and his siblings perceptions of Edward's training?

10. In Chapter 3, why does Sarah call Macon and what does she reveal to him?

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