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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Charles tell Macon regarding his relationship with Muriel?
(a) That everyone approves of Muriel, who is sweet and funny, and has made Macon happy.
(b) That everyone approves of Muriel, who is generous and kind, and has trained Edward well.
(c) That everyone disapproves of Muriel, who is tacky and inappropriate, and just looking for a meal ticket.
(d) That everyone disapproves of Muriel, who is a snob, and treats Macon poorly.

2. Why does Muriel give Macon a big calendar with a date marked in red?
(a) The date is their first year anniversary.
(b) The date is the day Muriel has picked for their wedding.
(c) The date is the day they leave for France.
(d) The date is the day Edward needs to go to the vet.

3. Why does Sarah want to move back into the house?
(a) Sarah's lease is up and she can't find another apartment.
(b) The house belongs to Sarah, not Macon.
(c) Sarah wants to fix it up before they sell it.
(d) Sarah and her new boyfriend need a bigger place to stay.

4. What is Julian planning to do for Christmas?
(a) Julian is planning to spend Christmas with his family.
(b) Julian is planning to propose marriage to Rose.
(c) Julian is planning on taking Rose to Paris.
(d) Julian has no plans for Christmas.

5. Who does Rose summon to go to Paris?
(a) Sarah.
(b) Muriel.
(c) Charles.
(d) Julian.

6. Who does Macon run into while out with Alexander?
(a) His mother-in-law.
(b) His neighbor.
(c) His high-school sweetheart.
(d) Muriel's ex-husband.

7. On the plane to Paris, what unexpected sight greets Macon?
(a) Muriel.
(b) Charles.
(c) Sarah.
(d) Julian.

8. Where is Muriel's house located?
(a) The richest part of Baltimore.
(b) The unsavory side of Baltimore.
(c) Two blocks from Macon's.
(d) In D.C.

9. What does Macon feel standing next to Sarah at Rose and Julian's wedding?
(a) Macon doesn't feel anything.
(b) Macon feels how angry he still is with her.
(c) Macon feels how natural and comfortable it is to be next to her.
(d) Macon feels how awkward it is to be next to her.

10. After Sarah leaves for her sculpture class, why is Macon distracted when he sits down to write?
(a) Macon is wondering if Rose will take Julian back.
(b) Macon is thinking about Muriel.
(c) Macon is worried about Sarah's health.
(d) Macon has writer's block.

11. What does Julian invite Macon and Muriel to?
(a) Julian and Rose's wedding.
(b) A cookout at Julian's house.
(c) Easter dinner.
(d) Rose's birthday party.

12. Who first greets Macon, Muriel, and Alexander when they arrive for Christmas?
(a) The Dugan's dog, Max.
(b) Muriel's teenage sister, Claire.
(c) Muriel's cousin from Alabama.
(d) Muriel's mother.

13. Why does Muriel tell Macon about the previous boyfriend who, after he began to trust women again, left her for a stewardess?
(a) Because Muriel has met someone else now that she trusts men again.
(b) Because the boyfriend wants to get back together with Muriel.
(c) Because Muriel is afraid that Macon will leave her.
(d) Because Muriel thinks Macon will meet a stewardess on one of his trips.

14. In Vancouver, what does Sarah ask Macon on the phone?
(a) If Muriel is a good person.
(b) If Macon is coming back next week.
(c) If Edward can stay with her at the house.
(d) If Macon plans on staying with Muriel forever.

15. What does the plumber tell Sarah about the damage to the house?
(a) The damage is not as bad as expected.
(b) The damage is worse than expected.
(c) The damage will require hiring more than one plumber.
(d) The damage will cost more than twice estimated.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Muriel give Macon after they come home from Christmas dinner?

2. What happens when Macon lifts the receiver to call Muriel and apologize?

3. What is unsettling to Macon about Muriel?

4. What city does Macon visit when Baltimore is covered in ice?

5. What does Macon teach Alexander to do?

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