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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Julian show Macon that he's going to give to Rose?
(a) His grandmother's earrings.
(b) A pearl necklace.
(c) An engagement ring.
(d) A new car.

2. At Rose and Julian's wedding, who takes Muriel aside to chat?
(a) Norman.
(b) Macon's father.
(c) Sarah.
(d) Macon's mother.

3. How does Muriel respond to Macon's reminder?
(a) Muriel is grateful for Macon's help around the house.
(b) Muriel is relieved that he called because she would have forgotten Alexander.
(c) Muriel is outraged that he left her and Alexander and has the nerve to call her about bee stings.
(d) Muriel is upset but thanks him for reminding her.

4. How does Macon feel about his burgeoning relationship with Muriel?
(a) Macon is in love her and wants to marry her.
(b) Macon doesn't care for her and is only seeing her to make Sarah jealous.
(c) Macon is indifferent and is just going through the motions of dating someone new.
(d) Macon doesn't think he loves her but loves the surprise of her and of him being with her.

5. Why is Mr. Dugan preoccupied?
(a) He is worried about the pipes freezing.
(b) He is upset about Muriel bringing Macon.
(c) He is invested in a football game.
(d) He is concerned about Alexander's shyness.

6. Who calls Macon at a hotel in Winnipeg?
(a) Rose.
(b) Muriel.
(c) Alexander.
(d) Sarah.

7. What does Julian invite Macon and Muriel to?
(a) Rose's birthday party.
(b) A cookout at Julian's house.
(c) Julian and Rose's wedding.
(d) Easter dinner.

8. Who first greets Macon, Muriel, and Alexander when they arrive for Christmas?
(a) Muriel's cousin from Alabama.
(b) Muriel's teenage sister, Claire.
(c) Muriel's mother.
(d) The Dugan's dog, Max.

9. What is Julian planning to do for Christmas?
(a) Julian has no plans for Christmas.
(b) Julian is planning to propose marriage to Rose.
(c) Julian is planning on taking Rose to Paris.
(d) Julian is planning to spend Christmas with his family.

10. What is significant about the subdivision Muriel's parents live in?
(a) The subdivision is in the most dangerous part of the city.
(b) The subdivision is the most exclusive in the area.
(c) The subdivision is on a lake and each house has a dock.
(d) The subdivision's streets are named after trees that are nowhere near there.

11. What does Macon do in lieu of calling Muriel?
(a) Calls Rose instead and asks for advice.
(b) Writes a note and delivers it at her house.
(c) Goes for a long walk to clear his head.
(d) Sends flowers and a thank you card.

12. What does Muriel give Macon after they come home from Christmas dinner?
(a) A set of blank notebooks for his work.
(b) Tickets to a jazz show.
(c) A ceramic bowl she made when she was a girl.
(d) A picture of her as a toddler climbing out of a wading pool.

13. What is Macon's reaction to Muriel's announcement while they are browsing thrift stores?
(a) Macon is upset that Muriel is leaving him.
(b) Macon is glad Muriel has a new job.
(c) Macon is happy that Muriel will have more time to spend with him.
(d) Macon is angry at Muriel's irresponsible behavior.

14. Why does Macon breathe a sigh of relief at Rose and Julian's wedding?
(a) Macon sees that Sarah has also brought her new boyfriend.
(b) Macon realizes he didn't forget to bring the ring.
(c) Macon sees Muriel release herself from his mother's grasp.
(d) Macon notices the weather getting better.

15. Why does Rose move back in with her brothers?
(a) Because she had a fight with Julian.
(b) Because their lives are a mess since she got married.
(c) Because she and Julian broke up.
(d) Because Julian is away on business.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Rose irritated with Macon after he begins seeing Muriel?

2. What happens when Macon tries to fix the phone cord in his room?

3. When Macon leaves Baltimore, the city is covered in ice. What is the weather like when Macon returns home ?

4. In Vancouver, what does Sarah ask Macon on the phone?

5. What does Macon have at lunch with Sarah that he has never had before?

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