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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the Leary children find out they are not going to be world travelers, like their mother said?
(a) They are met at the Baltimore airport by their grandparents.
(b) Their mother is afraid to fly.
(c) Their mother dies in a car accident.
(d) Their mother loses all her savings after the stock market crash.

2. According to Garner, what is the perception people have of Macon?
(a) He is aloof.
(b) He is outgoing.
(c) He is angry.
(d) He is nervous.

3. What country does Grandfather Leary say he's sailing to?
(a) Lassaque.
(b) Luxembourg.
(c) Liberia.
(d) Laos.

4. How does Macon sign his letters to Sarah?
(a) Yours.
(b) Sincerely.
(c) Love Always.
(d) Fondly.

5. What does Edward do when Muriel arrives for Edward's first lesson?
(a) He jumps on her.
(b) He barks at her.
(c) He lies down next to her.
(d) He bites her.

6. What does Macon agree to regarding Edward?
(a) To get some training for him.
(b) To get him groomed by a professional.
(c) To put him in his kennel at night.
(d) To keep him out of the house.

7. What is the misunderstanding between Macon and Muriel?
(a) Muriel thinks Macon is upset that she has a kid and Macon doesn't like what she's doing with Edward.
(b) Muriel thinks Macon isn't training Edward and Macon is training him.
(c) Macon thinks Muriel is upset about him not training Edward and Muriel doesn't care.
(d) Muriel doesn't think Macon wants her to bring her kid to training and Macon wants her to.

8. How do the Leary children react to the news that they are not going to be world travelers?
(a) They couldn't be happier.
(b) They are despondent.
(c) They are understanding.
(d) They refuse to talk about it.

9. Why do Macon and Sarah look like they are on two different trips?
(a) Macon is dressed for the beach and Sarah is bundled up.
(b) Sarah is dressed for skiing and Macon has on shorts.
(c) Macon is tan and Sarah is pale.
(d) Macon is pale and Sarah is tan.

10. How does Macon respond to Charles being locked in the pantry?
(a) He tells Charles he will be home soon to get him out.
(b) He convinces Rose to let Charles out.
(c) He calls Muriel to come over and calm Edward.
(d) He convinces Porter to apologize to Charles.

11. Who has Rose been seeing?
(a) Garner Bolt.
(b) Boyd Dugan.
(c) Julian Edge.
(d) No one.

12. What prompts Macon to pull over?
(a) Sarah tells him she wants a divorce.
(b) Sarah tells him she is pregnant.
(c) Sarah needs to go to the bathroom.
(d) Macon wants to consult his map.

13. On their training expedition with Edward, what does Muriel ask Macon?
(a) To take a trip to Florida with her and Alexander.
(b) To get another dog so that Edward won't be so lonely.
(c) To stop calling her as she no longer wants to see him.
(d) To come to dinner because it would be good for Alexander to spend time around a man.

14. What surprises Macon and Muriel as they are talking about her son and ex-husband?
(a) Edward jumps up on Muriel.
(b) Rose calls out for help.
(c) Julian pays a surprise visit.
(d) Macon kisses Muriel.

15. What does Sarah tell Macon she wants regarding their separation?
(a) Sarah wants to make it legal.
(b) Sarah wants to have their marriage annulled.
(c) Sarah wants to try counseling.
(d) Sarah wants to come back to Macon.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Edward do when Julian tries to leave?

2. Where does Macon and his niece, Susan, travel to?

3. At his childhood home, what does Macon give Julian that Julian has NOT asked for?

4. What is Muriel wearing when Macon picks up Edward?

5. What does Julian offer Macon at his childhood home?

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