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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Macon try to call from the restaurant in New York?
(a) Muriel.
(b) Julian.
(c) Sarah.
(d) Rose.

2. According to Macon, what is unusual about Rose's life?
(a) She is not married or employed and takes care of her brothers.
(b) She has traveled all over the world, and has never lived in one place for long.
(c) She lives all by herself, and has never had a partner.
(d) She has been married several times.

3. Who has Rose been seeing?
(a) Julian Edge.
(b) Boyd Dugan.
(c) Garner Bolt.
(d) No one.

4. Why does Macon feel inadequate with Muriel?
(a) Because he never finished school and she has a graduate degree.
(b) Because she is unfriendly and mean.
(c) Because she makes it so easy to control Edward and he has no control over him.
(d) Because he is intimidated by her good looks.

5. According to Julian, what will the next series be about?
(a) Major European cities.
(b) Major Canadian cities.
(c) Major U.S. cities.
(d) Major South American cities.

6. Why does Muriel have trouble running the credit card through the embossing machine?
(a) She is distracted by dogs barking.
(b) Macon's credit card is worn from use.
(c) It is a new machine, and she hasn't learned how to use it yet.
(d) She is trying to spare her manicure.

7. How do the Leary children find out they are not going to be world travelers, like their mother said?
(a) They are met at the Baltimore airport by their grandparents.
(b) Their mother dies in a car accident.
(c) Their mother loses all her savings after the stock market crash.
(d) Their mother is afraid to fly.

8. What does Macon daydream about when Sarah calls?
(a) He daydreams about having a romantic candlelit dinner with her.
(b) He daydreams about the two of them sipping sherry and talking about how much they miss one another.
(c) He daydreams about going over to her aparment and asking her to come back.
(d) He daydreams about their first trip to Paris.

9. Why has Julian tracked Macon down at his childhood home?
(a) Julian went to his house and found it empty.
(b) Julian wants to invite him to dinner.
(c) Julian has his paycheck.
(d) Julian is angry because Macon has missed a deadline.

10. What is the main reason Macon keeps Edward?
(a) Edward belonged to Ethan.
(b) Macon wants his company.
(c) Edward is a good watchdog.
(d) Edward belongs to Sarah.

11. What is Macon's injury?
(a) A fractured ankle.
(b) A broken arm.
(c) A fractured wrist.
(d) A broken leg.

12. Who raises Macon and his siblings after their father dies in the war?
(a) Their step-father.
(b) Their mother.
(c) Their aunt.
(d) Their grandparents.

13. How does Macon feel about writing the next series?
(a) He can't wait to get away from his family.
(b) He wishes he can travel by train.
(c) He is excited about visiting new places.
(d) He is not looking forward to all those hotels and restaurants.

14. What does Macon think regarding Edward's training that his family isn't so sure about?
(a) That Edward isn't improving.
(b) That Edward is completely trained.
(c) That Edward is too old to be trained.
(d) That Edward is improving.

15. How does Macon spend his time after returning from his trip?
(a) Working on his book.
(b) Watching TV.
(c) Organizing the household.
(d) Researching his next trip.

Short Answer Questions

1. On his first trip in the novel, what does Macon do once he has arrived at his destination?

2. Where does Macon travel to on his first trip in the novel?

3. What is the misunderstanding between Macon and Muriel?

4. At his childhood home, what does Macon give Julian that Julian has NOT asked for?

5. What happens at the restaurant Macon goes to in New York?

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