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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Macon feel inadequate with Muriel?
(a) Because she makes it so easy to control Edward and he has no control over him.
(b) Because he never finished school and she has a graduate degree.
(c) Because he is intimidated by her good looks.
(d) Because she is unfriendly and mean.

2. Where does Macon and his niece, Susan, travel to?
(a) D.C.
(b) New York.
(c) Philadelphia.
(d) Boston.

3. Where does Muriel tell Macon she's never been?
(a) To college.
(b) To vet school.
(c) To graduate school.
(d) To high school.

4. What year do Macon and Sarah meet?
(a) 1978.
(b) 1948.
(c) 1968.
(d) 1958.

5. What do Sarah and Macon listen to after Macon pulls over?
(a) The news.
(b) The traffic from the street.
(c) A song that played at their wedding.
(d) The rain beating on the overhang above them.

6. What happens at the restaurant Macon goes to in New York?
(a) Macon gets food poisoning.
(b) Macon sees Sarah with another man.
(c) Macon runs into Muriel.
(d) Macon has a panic attack.

7. What is Macon's injury?
(a) A fractured ankle.
(b) A broken leg.
(c) A fractured wrist.
(d) A broken arm.

8. What advice does Garner give to Macon regarding Sarah?
(a) Macon should let her know he cares.
(b) Macon should tell her it's over for good.
(c) Macon should ask for forgiveness.
(d) Macon should tell her he doesn't love her.

9. What is significant about the day Macon wakes from his dream about Grandfather Leary?
(a) Macon's cast is coming off.
(b) Macon is bringing Edward to a new trainer.
(c) Macon is meeting Sarah at her lawyer's office.
(d) Macon is taking a vacation to Hawaii.

10. Why is Charles locked in the pantry when Macon can't reach Sarah in New York?
(a) Charles locked himself in after an argument with Porter.
(b) Edward attacked him and Charles thought it was the safest place.
(c) Charles accidently locked himself in while getting a can of soup.
(d) Rose locked Charles in after a big fight.

11. Why is Sarah surprised when she sees Macon at the restaurant?
(a) Because he looks so tan.
(b) Because he's wearing an outfit she doesn't recognize.
(c) Because he's lost so much weight.
(d) Because of the cast on his leg.

12. How does Macon feel about writing the next series?
(a) He wishes he can travel by train.
(b) He is not looking forward to all those hotels and restaurants.
(c) He is excited about visiting new places.
(d) He can't wait to get away from his family.

13. How does Macon spend most of his time after Sarah leaves?
(a) Sleeping.
(b) Eating.
(c) Reading.
(d) Cleaning.

14. What is one thing the Leary's are NOT good at?
(a) Finding their way around while driving.
(b) Talking to people they don't know well.
(c) Spending within their budget.
(d) Cleaning up after themselves.

15. According to Julian, what will the next series be about?
(a) Major U.S. cities.
(b) Major European cities.
(c) Major Canadian cities.
(d) Major South American cities.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why are Macon's siblings leery about Edward?

2. How does Macon spend his time after returning from his trip?

3. What sound should Macon make when Edward does something positive?

4. According to Grandfather Leary, who is the best Leary?

5. How does Macon sign his letters to Sarah?

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