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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are Macon's siblings leery about Edward?
(a) Because Edward is so old.
(b) Because Edward's food is so expensive.
(c) Because Edward is unruly and rough.
(d) Because Edward sheds on the furniture.

2. Why does Sarah want Macon to pull over?
(a) She wants to drive.
(b) She has to go to the bathroom.
(c) She wants to get a blanket from the trunk.
(d) She wants to wait out the storm under an overpass.

3. What story does Muriel tell Macon about her hair?
(a) It was blonde when she was younger and her mother entered her into talent competitions until it got dark.
(b) She shaved it off when she was sixteen to make her mother mad.
(c) Her hair is naturally red but she thinks red hair is trashy and has it dyed.
(d) It used to be straight and her mother cut it for her.

4. What does Edward do when Julian tries to leave?
(a) Edward barks at Julian and bites Macon when Macon grabs his leash.
(b) Edward jumps on Julian and licks his face.
(c) Edward blocks the door and when Julian grabs his leash, Edward snarls and nips his hand.
(d) Edward runs back and forth from Macon to Julian, wagging his tail.

5. What does he teach the cat to do?
(a) Retrieve his pens.
(b) Go in and out of the windowpane.
(c) Stand on its hind legs.
(d) Open the bathroom door.

6. What does Macon see when he looks out the window when his typing is interrupted?
(a) A delivery person has arrived with a package.
(b) Rose is on the front steps talking to her neighbor.
(c) Children playing hopscotch on the sidewalk.
(d) Edward has backed someone into the magnolia tree and is barking.

7. Who does Macon write for?
(a) People who are looking for jobs overseas.
(b) People who travel on business and are not interested in sightseeing.
(c) People who are afraid to fly.
(d) People who travel to remote and exotic locations.

8. How does Macon feel about Muriel's question while on their training expedition with Edward?
(a) Macon is disappointed that she is breaking up with him.
(b) Macon's unsure having dinner with her and Alexander is the right thing to do and puts her off.
(c) Macon is pleased that Muriel trusts him and wants to go away with her.
(d) Macon agrees that getting a dog is a good idea.

9. According to Grandfather Leary, who is the best Leary?
(a) Rose.
(b) Sarah.
(c) Charles.
(d) Macon.

10. Why does Muriel have trouble running the credit card through the embossing machine?
(a) Macon's credit card is worn from use.
(b) She is distracted by dogs barking.
(c) She is trying to spare her manicure.
(d) It is a new machine, and she hasn't learned how to use it yet.

11. What does Macon do when he wakes up from his dream about Grandfather Leary?
(a) Calls Sarah and asks her to come back.
(b) Stays in bed for the rest of the day.
(c) Lays in bed for a while before getting up to make coffee.
(d) Gets up and takes Edward out.

12. What is Macon's system of washing dishes?
(a) He adds them to the dishwasher with all of them facing the same way.
(b) He washes each one and dries them on white towels.
(c) He uses laundry detergent and lemon to wash them.
(d) He adds each dirty dish to the kitchen sink with bleach and on alternate days, sprays everything with hot water.

13. On his first trip in the novel, what does Macon do once he has arrived at his destination?
(a) Macon rents a car and drives to the coast.
(b) Macon has an expensive lunch, and visits an old friend.
(c) Macon tries breakfast at three different stops, visits hotels in the afternoon.
(d) Macon checks in at his hotel and goes sightseeing.

14. Why is the restaurant where Macon and Sarah agree to meet significant?
(a) Because Macon and Sarah got engaged there.
(b) Because Macon and Sarah know the owner well.
(c) Because Sarah's father took her when she was a little girl.
(d) Because Macon's been going there ever since his grandparents took him as a little boy.

15. How does Macon sign his letters to Sarah?
(a) Love Always.
(b) Yours.
(c) Fondly.
(d) Sincerely.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is significant about the day Macon wakes from his dream about Grandfather Leary?

2. What does Grandfather Leary tell Macon in his dream?

3. What does Muriel give Macon for Edward?

4. According to Macon, what is a huge waste of energy?

5. How do the Leary children react to the news that they are not going to be world travelers?

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