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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Muriel tell Macon she's never been?
(a) To college.
(b) To vet school.
(c) To graduate school.
(d) To high school.

2. What does Macon do when he wakes up from his dream about Grandfather Leary?
(a) Gets up and takes Edward out.
(b) Stays in bed for the rest of the day.
(c) Lays in bed for a while before getting up to make coffee.
(d) Calls Sarah and asks her to come back.

3. Who does Macon write for?
(a) People who travel on business and are not interested in sightseeing.
(b) People who travel to remote and exotic locations.
(c) People who are afraid to fly.
(d) People who are looking for jobs overseas.

4. According to Julian, what will the next series be about?
(a) Major South American cities.
(b) Major European cities.
(c) Major U.S. cities.
(d) Major Canadian cities.

5. What do Macon and Susan discuss at dinner?
(a) What college Susan wants to attend.
(b) If Macon will remarry.
(c) Susan's memories of Ethan.
(d) The trouble Susan is having with her dad.

6. According to Garner, who else has been looking for Macon?
(a) Edward.
(b) Porter.
(c) Sarah.
(d) Muriel.

7. How does Macon feel about writing the next series?
(a) He is excited about visiting new places.
(b) He can't wait to get away from his family.
(c) He is not looking forward to all those hotels and restaurants.
(d) He wishes he can travel by train.

8. What does Sarah tell Macon she wants regarding their separation?
(a) Sarah wants to come back to Macon.
(b) Sarah wants to make it legal.
(c) Sarah wants to try counseling.
(d) Sarah wants to have their marriage annulled.

9. What does Sarah tell Macon in the car?
(a) She still loves him after all these years.
(b) He is not a comfort and his little habits are wearisome.
(c) He doesn't love her anymore.
(d) She feels sick and wants him to pull over.

10. What does Macon daydream about when Sarah calls?
(a) He daydreams about having a romantic candlelit dinner with her.
(b) He daydreams about their first trip to Paris.
(c) He daydreams about the two of them sipping sherry and talking about how much they miss one another.
(d) He daydreams about going over to her aparment and asking her to come back.

11. What does Macon feel after thinking of Sarah in her apartment?
(a) Grateful for his own environment.
(b) Longing to be close to someone.
(c) Happy for her.
(d) Sad at losing her.

12. What do Sarah and Macon listen to after Macon pulls over?
(a) A song that played at their wedding.
(b) The traffic from the street.
(c) The rain beating on the overhang above them.
(d) The news.

13. What happens to Muriel and Norman's son, Alexander, when he's born?
(a) Alexander is born very prematurely.
(b) Alexander is born with fetal alcohol syndrome.
(c) Alexander is born blind.
(d) Alexander is born with a hole in his heart.

14. What is Muriel wearing when Macon picks up Edward?
(a) A skimpy dress splashed with flowers and high-heeled sandals.
(b) A matching floral shirt and skirt and sandals.
(c) An ankle-length dress splashed with flowers and flats.
(d) A prim and formal black suit with loafers.

15. How does Macon respond to Charles being locked in the pantry?
(a) He convinces Rose to let Charles out.
(b) He calls Muriel to come over and calm Edward.
(c) He convinces Porter to apologize to Charles.
(d) He tells Charles he will be home soon to get him out.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the misunderstanding between Macon and Muriel?

2. According to Garner, how does Macon react to the neighbors' offers of help after Edward dies?

3. What is Macon's injury?

4. According to Grandfather Leary, who is the best Leary?

5. How old is Ethan when he is killed?

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