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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At his childhood home, what does Macon give Julian that Julian has NOT asked for?
(a) The remaining pages of his manuscript.
(b) The first draft of his next book.
(c) The remaining pages of a novel he is writing.
(d) The final draft of his autobiography.

2. What is Macon's system of washing dishes?
(a) He washes each one and dries them on white towels.
(b) He adds them to the dishwasher with all of them facing the same way.
(c) He uses laundry detergent and lemon to wash them.
(d) He adds each dirty dish to the kitchen sink with bleach and on alternate days, sprays everything with hot water.

3. What is one thing that Macon does NOT schedule?
(a) Working.
(b) Traveling.
(c) Eating.
(d) Sleeping.

4. Where does Macon take Edward to after leaving the kennel?
(a) Meow-Bow Animal Hospital.
(b) Sarah's.
(c) His sister's.
(d) The ASPCA.

5. Why does Macon stay at his childhood home after his injury?
(a) So he doesn't have to deal with his neighbors.
(b) So he can get away from Sarah.
(c) So he can get away from construction at his home.
(d) So Rose can take care of him.

6. Why is Muriel not at work when Macon calls?
(a) Because she quit.
(b) Because she's at lunch.
(c) Because she is sick.
(d) Because her son is sick.

7. When Macon thinks of Sarah in her apartment, what does he imagine?
(a) He pictures her with someone else.
(b) He pictures the way she has decorated the rooms.
(c) He pictures her crying over him.
(d) He pictures chaos, sneakers in the oven and the sofa heaped with china.

8. What does Edward do each time Muriel leaves after training?
(a) Barks.
(b) Moans.
(c) Runs.
(d) Growls.

9. What is significant about the day Macon wakes from his dream about Grandfather Leary?
(a) Macon is taking a vacation to Hawaii.
(b) Macon's cast is coming off.
(c) Macon is bringing Edward to a new trainer.
(d) Macon is meeting Sarah at her lawyer's office.

10. What does Macon do after Sarah has left the restaurant?
(a) Macon asks the waiter to box his leftovers and drives home.
(b) Macon finishes his dinner and calls Rose to pick him up.
(c) Macon waits for Sarah to return with the car.
(d) Macon pays for the bill and meets Sarah at her place.

11. What does Edward do when Muriel arrives for Edward's first lesson?
(a) He bites her.
(b) He barks at her.
(c) He jumps on her.
(d) He lies down next to her.

12. How does Macon spend his time after returning from his trip?
(a) Researching his next trip.
(b) Working on his book.
(c) Organizing the household.
(d) Watching TV.

13. What is the reason Muriel marries and divorces her husband, Norman?
(a) Muriel's first husband.
(b) Muriel and Norman's baby.
(c) Muriel's parents.
(d) Norman's money.

14. What does Grandfather Leary tell Macon in his dream?
(a) That Macon is his favorite grandson.
(b) That Macon should remarry and move to Lassaque.
(c) That Macon is on the right path to salvation.
(d) That Macon has lost his center and Sarah is that center.

15. How do his neighbors react to the news that Sarah has left?
(a) They don't know Sarah has left him.
(b) They ignore him when he waves hello.
(c) They invite him to potluck dinners.
(d) They begin to call him day and night.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Macon wearing on the drive back from their vacation?

2. What do the people at the kennel where Edward usually boards tell Macon?

3. Where does Macon like to travel?

4. According to Macon, what does his mother treat like a religion?

5. What happens to Muriel and Norman's son, Alexander, when he's born?

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