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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Macon call the small, expensive grocery store?
(a) Because it's the only one open late.
(b) Because it's his favorite store.
(c) Because he can't face going into the store.
(d) Because Sarah works there.

2. Why does Macon want his cast to cover him from head to toe?
(a) So that Macon never has to travel again.
(b) So that Macon can be taken care of by Rose.
(c) So that Macon can hide forever.
(d) So that Sarah will feel sorry for Macon and come back.

3. What does Macon do in lieu of calling Muriel?
(a) Writes a note and delivers it at her house.
(b) Calls Rose instead and asks for advice.
(c) Sends flowers and a thank you card.
(d) Goes for a long walk to clear his head.

4. On their training expedition with Edward, what does Muriel ask Macon?
(a) To take a trip to Florida with her and Alexander.
(b) To get another dog so that Edward won't be so lonely.
(c) To come to dinner because it would be good for Alexander to spend time around a man.
(d) To stop calling her as she no longer wants to see him.

5. When Julian calls, what does Macon negotiate for?
(a) A pay increase for his next book.
(b) A one month vacation.
(c) A two week extension on his manuscript.
(d) An advance for a novel he's writing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Muriel not at work when Macon calls?

2. Who does Macon try to call from the restaurant in New York?

3. What does Edward do when Julian tries to leave?

4. On his first trip in the novel, what does Macon do once he has arrived at his destination?

5. What does Macon wear to bed?

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