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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At Macon's childhood home, why is his typing interrupted?
(a) Someone is knocking on the door.
(b) The phone is ringing.
(c) Someone is yelling to call off his dog.
(d) Rose is calling to help in the kitchen.

2. Why does Sarah want Macon to pull over?
(a) She has to go to the bathroom.
(b) She wants to drive.
(c) She wants to get a blanket from the trunk.
(d) She wants to wait out the storm under an overpass.

3. Where does Macon take Edward to after leaving the kennel?
(a) Sarah's.
(b) The ASPCA.
(c) His sister's.
(d) Meow-Bow Animal Hospital.

4. How do his neighbors react to the news that Sarah has left?
(a) They ignore him when he waves hello.
(b) They don't know Sarah has left him.
(c) They invite him to potluck dinners.
(d) They begin to call him day and night.

5. Why are Macon's siblings leery about Edward?
(a) Because Edward's food is so expensive.
(b) Because Edward is so old.
(c) Because Edward sheds on the furniture.
(d) Because Edward is unruly and rough.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Macon and Sarah do when Macon pulls over?

2. What advice does Garner give to Macon regarding Sarah?

3. Where does Macon like to travel?

4. Where does Macon travel to on his first trip in the novel?

5. Why does Garner Bolt visit Macon?

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