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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Macon daydream about when Sarah calls?
(a) He daydreams about having a romantic candlelit dinner with her.
(b) He daydreams about the two of them sipping sherry and talking about how much they miss one another.
(c) He daydreams about their first trip to Paris.
(d) He daydreams about going over to her aparment and asking her to come back.

2. Where does Macon display flexibility in his schedule?
(a) He switches to eating at restaurants.
(b) He switches to showering at night.
(c) He takes an afternoon break on Wednesdays.
(d) He works three days a week instead of five.

3. How do his neighbors react to the news that Sarah has left?
(a) They invite him to potluck dinners.
(b) They ignore him when he waves hello.
(c) They begin to call him day and night.
(d) They don't know Sarah has left him.

4. What is Muriel's dog training specialty?
(a) Training dogs to hunt.
(b) Training dogs that bite.
(c) Training dogs for dog shows.
(d) Training shy dogs.

5. Who raises Macon and his siblings after their father dies in the war?
(a) Their grandparents.
(b) Their aunt.
(c) Their step-father.
(d) Their mother.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Macon get injured?

2. Where are Macon and Sarah returning from their vacation?

3. When Macon thinks of Sarah in her apartment, what does he imagine?

4. What do Macon and Sarah do when Macon pulls over?

5. How do the Leary children find out they are not going to be world travelers, like their mother said?

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