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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the storm, what does Macon discover when he goes to his house?
(a) Macon's living room is destroyed.
(b) Macon's kitchen is on fire.
(c) Macon's roof has collapsed.
(d) Macon's house is fine.

2. What is the main reason Macon keeps Edward?
(a) Edward belonged to Ethan.
(b) Edward belongs to Sarah.
(c) Macon wants his company.
(d) Edward is a good watchdog.

3. What is Macon's system of washing dishes?
(a) He adds them to the dishwasher with all of them facing the same way.
(b) He washes each one and dries them on white towels.
(c) He adds each dirty dish to the kitchen sink with bleach and on alternate days, sprays everything with hot water.
(d) He uses laundry detergent and lemon to wash them.

4. Why is the restaurant where Macon and Sarah agree to meet significant?
(a) Because Sarah's father took her when she was a little girl.
(b) Because Macon and Sarah got engaged there.
(c) Because Macon's been going there ever since his grandparents took him as a little boy.
(d) Because Macon and Sarah know the owner well.

5. When Macon thinks of Sarah in her apartment, what does he imagine?
(a) He pictures her with someone else.
(b) He pictures her crying over him.
(c) He pictures the way she has decorated the rooms.
(d) He pictures chaos, sneakers in the oven and the sofa heaped with china.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Macon like to travel?

2. What happens at the restaurant Macon goes to in New York?

3. What restaurant do Macon and Sarah agree to meet at for dinner?

4. Where does Rose and Julian's wedding ceremony take place?

5. What is Macon's reaction to Muriel's announcement while they are browsing thrift stores?

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