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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Garner, how does Macon react to the neighbors' offers of help after Edward dies?
(a) Macon asks them to fix the house up while they are gone.
(b) Macon tells them to mind their own business.
(c) Macon accepts their help to cook and clean for them.
(d) Macon rejects offers of help to bring a casserole or mow the lawn.

2. Why does Muriel have trouble running the credit card through the embossing machine?
(a) Macon's credit card is worn from use.
(b) It is a new machine, and she hasn't learned how to use it yet.
(c) She is trying to spare her manicure.
(d) She is distracted by dogs barking.

3. What does Macon see when he looks out the window when his typing is interrupted?
(a) A delivery person has arrived with a package.
(b) Edward has backed someone into the magnolia tree and is barking.
(c) Rose is on the front steps talking to her neighbor.
(d) Children playing hopscotch on the sidewalk.

4. How does Macon feel about writing the next series?
(a) He is excited about visiting new places.
(b) He wishes he can travel by train.
(c) He can't wait to get away from his family.
(d) He is not looking forward to all those hotels and restaurants.

5. What does Julian realize about Macon when he sees him at his childhood home?
(a) Macon is recovering from his broken leg and not because Sarah has left him.
(b) Macon is not at home because of all the construction.
(c) Macon is not at home because Sarah has left him.
(d) Macon is looking for a new place to live.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Garner Bolt visit Macon?

2. How do the Leary children react to the news that they are not going to be world travelers?

3. What does he teach the cat to do?

4. What year do Macon and Sarah meet?

5. How do Macon and Sarah meet?

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