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Objective: "The Accidental Tourist" begins one year after the death of Macon's and Sarah's son. Macon and Sarah are returning from a vacation they have cut short. The objective of this lesson is to learn more about Macon and Sarah.

1) Class Discussion: What are some initial details about Macon and Sarah that provide insight to who they are as people? What are their feelings about their surroundings and one another?

2) Writing Activity: Write a 1 page essay addressing the following questions: Why does Tyler begin the novel one year after the death of their son, instead of at the time of his death, or shortly after? How do we learn about Macon and Sarah without any information about how they've lived their lives during the past year?

3) Group Activity: In groups of 2-3, share some impressions of Macon and Sarah as people, paying close attention to their physical...

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