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Chapter 1

• Macon and Sarah are driving back from the beach after cutting their week's vacation short.

• Macon is pale and wearing a formal summer suit. Sarah is tan and wearing a strapless terry dress.

• It starts to rain heavily, but Macon doesn't alter his driving style.

• Sarah wants to wait out the storm, and grips the dashboard in fear.

• Sarah tells Macon that he is not a comfort and that his little habits are wearisome and depressing to her.

• They have lost a child and have struggled over the past year.

• Sarah tells Macon that she wants a divorce and can no longer live with him.

• Sarah's announcement gets Macon's attention, and he pulls into a Texaco station where they sit in silence and listen to the rain.

Chapter 2

• Sarah has found an apartment, leaving Macon with the house and all his bizarre habits.

• Macon is happy with...

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