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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bertozzo bring in during the interview with the reporter?
(a) A piece of railroad track.
(b) A facsimile of the bomb.
(c) A document for the judge.
(d) A cannon ball.

2. What did the police do with the one bomb which was recovered undetonated?
(a) Gave it to the Russians.
(b) Had it examined.
(c) Sent it to the lab.
(d) Blew it up.

3. What does the report say which disputes the statement that the officer grabbed the Anarchist as he fell?
(a) He was wearing both shoes.
(b) His glasses were broken.
(c) His tie was undone.
(d) He fell backwards.

4. What does the Maniac wear in disguise when meeting the reporter?
(a) A mask.
(b) A fake nose.
(c) A bunny hat.
(d) An eye patch.

5. What is discovered about the Maniac when he walks around the desk speaking to the reporter?
(a) A peg leg.
(b) A rash.
(c) A false nose.
(d) A fake beard.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Maniac asks when examining the Anarchist's jump who in the room acted as his what?

2. What kind of false hand does the Maniac take out to replace his once it falls off?

3. Where does Bertozzo say he knows the forensics expert from?

4. What was different about the "real bomb" as opposed to the bomb in the room, according to Bertozzo?

5. What does Bertozzo not know about in Act 2?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is implied with the Maniac's joke regarding the "laughter" in the interrogation?

2. What does the journalist ask Bertozzo about the bomb when he enters? What is his reply?

3. What does the Maniac argue regarding the alibi witnesses? How does the journalist respond to this argument?

4. What documentation does the journalist present regarding recent bombings?

5. What does the outcome presented by the Maniac mean to those involved? What will be their outcome granted the evidence?

6. What is Bertozzo's reaction to meeting the "Forensics Expert" from Rome?

7. How does the Maniac react to the "second version" of the statement about the Anarchist? What question remains?

8. What does the Maniac say to the journalist about scandal?

9. What does the journalist remark regarding the situation with the bomb which Bertozzo relayed?

10. What happens with the Maniac's "glass eye" during Act 2, Scene 1?

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