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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the teacher tell him is a serious thing?
(a) To forget one's own name.
(b) To not want to go to heaven.
(c) To forget one's mother's name.
(d) To get lost on one's way to heaven.

2. What do they occasionally see?
(a) A movie.
(b) Something that might have moved them once.
(c) A concert.
(d) Friends.

3. What does she ask him after she moves closer and sits down with him?
(a) If he wants to go to dinner.
(b) If he wants to make love.
(c) If he likes her.
(d) If he could read her a story.

4. What does she tell him she has found?
(a) Better doctors.
(b) A new apartment.
(c) Something he dropped in the street.
(d) A new lawyer to sue the cab company.

5. Of what does the protagonist want to make sure?
(a) The driver is okay.
(b) He will live.
(c) The cab company will not sue him.
(d) The driver does not have to suffer for the accident.

6. What frightens him most?
(a) He will not know what he is doing.
(b) She will call the police.
(c) She will not like him.
(d) He will be different afterward.

7. When does this section take place?
(a) Two months after the accident.
(b) Four weeks after the accident.
(c) One day after the accident.
(d) The morning of the surgery.

8. Why is Kathleen staying in a posh hotel in New York City?
(a) She has inherited a fortune.
(b) She likes posh New York City hotels.
(c) Eliezer has paid for the room.
(d) Her marriage has ended.

9. What does she know he will continue to do?
(a) Depress her.
(b) Be in love with her.
(c) Annoy her.
(d) Drift back to the place where she cannot reach him.

10. What does a teacher tell him will happen three days after he has died?
(a) He will be with Jesus.
(b) He will go to heaven.
(c) He will be in pergatory.
(d) An angel would come to him.

11. What does the doctor believe is the difference between him and the protagonist?
(a) The doctor is healthy.
(b) The doctor believes death is not the only enemy.
(c) The doctor is wealthy.
(d) The doctor sees death as the only enemy.

12. What does the protagonist do?
(a) He takes her hand in his.
(b) He kisses her gently.
(c) He locks the door.
(d) He moves to her and roughly pulls her toward him, and then he kisses her.

13. What does he know from movies he has seen?
(a) Men are supposed to kiss women before making love to them.
(b) He should be passionate.
(c) He should call for roomservice.
(d) Men should make the first move.

14. If he truly loved her, what would he not have to do?
(a) Show it.
(b) Say it.
(c) Force the words from his mouth.
(d) Leave.

15. When does he stop her?
(a) Before she can say why she does not love him.
(b) Before she can say any more hurtful words.
(c) Before she can leave.
(d) Before she can say that she has loved him since the day they met.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does she say when he asks her what is wrong?

2. What does Kathleen know when he tells her he loves her?

3. What does the doctor tell the protagonist took place during the surgery?

4. What does the doctor say about Kathleen?

5. What does he think about this question?

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