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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Dr. Russel made a habit?
(a) Having dinner with Kathleen.
(b) To visit with the protagonist each morning.
(c) Sending other doctors in to talk to his patient.
(d) To visit with the protagonist each evening.

2. What does she say when he asks her what is wrong?
(a) She does not know him.
(b) She pretends it is nothing.
(c) She is afraid.
(d) She has never done this before.

3. What do the doctor and the protagonist spend a few moments doing?
(a) Praying.
(b) Admiring the view from the hospital room.
(c) Talking about his treatment.
(d) Arguing.

4. Where is our protagonist?
(a) In New York City before the war.
(b) In Paris after the war.
(c) In Kathleen's home.
(d) In a concentration camp.

5. Why does she respond this way?
(a) She is jealous of Sarah.
(b) The name has a Biblical sound to it.
(c) She does not know her own mother.
(d) She does not believe in God.

6. When does the protagonist say this name?
(a) Right before the accident.
(b) One month after the accident.
(c) The day of the accident.
(d) Two days after the accident.

7. What does Kathleen tell Eliezer?
(a) She wants to leave.
(b) She does not love him.
(c) She loves him.
(d) She does not care about him.

8. What is significant about this point in the story?
(a) Kathleen finally reacts to the protagonist's words.
(b) This is the first point in the novel where the protagonist is mentioned by name.
(c) Kathleen does not want to hear any more of the protagonist's stories.
(d) The protagonist has finally told Kathleen everything.

9. Why does Kathleen wonder about the identity of Sarah?
(a) Her sister's name is Sarah.
(b) She is jealous of Sarah.
(c) She heard him say the name Sarah when he was in a coma.
(d) She has never heard this name before.

10. How long has it been since the accident?
(a) A day.
(b) A month.
(c) A year.
(d) A week.

11. What does the doctor believe is the difference between him and the protagonist?
(a) The doctor believes death is not the only enemy.
(b) The doctor sees death as the only enemy.
(c) The doctor is healthy.
(d) The doctor is wealthy.

12. What is her response when he finally asks her if she knows him?
(a) She wants to know him.
(b) She does.
(c) She says she does not.
(d) She thinks she knows him.

13. If he truly loved her, what would he not have to do?
(a) Leave.
(b) Force the words from his mouth.
(c) Show it.
(d) Say it.

14. Why is a young blonde woman with blue eyes watching him?
(a) She knows him.
(b) She wants to attract his attention.
(c) She is a spy.
(d) She finds him intriguing.

15. What does she do when she senses his sudden change of heart?
(a) She begins to cry.
(b) She puts her clothes back on.
(c) She asks him to leave.
(d) She takes off her clothes and lies down on the bed in her underwear.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kathleen ask Eliezer one night while they are in bed together?

2. Who comes to visit just before Kathleen arrives?

3. Who arrives to question the protagonist?

4. What does she want him to promise?

5. Why is Kathleen staying in a posh hotel in New York City?

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