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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does he want to do?
(a) Play on the swingset.
(b) Be the character in the book.
(c) Dance like the others.
(d) Jump in and drown.

2. When does Halina stop him?
(a) Just as he is walking into a restaurant.
(b) Just as he hails a cab.
(c) Just as she notices another woman.
(d) Just before he crosses the street.

3. What causes him to think about his grandmother in this way?
(a) The darkness of his room.
(b) He believes he will die soon.
(c) The small closet by his bed.
(d) When the doctor tells him he is thirsty due a fever from an infection.

4. When he says nothing, what does his father do?
(a) Sends him to his room.
(b) Storms out of the room.
(c) Hugs him.
(d) Hits him.

5. What does the main character think is impossible to find?
(a) A place to call home.
(b) A cure for cancer.
(c) His family.
(d) Any satisfaction in life.

6. What has this accident set off?
(a) The police.
(b) A series of memories.
(c) A war.
(d) An alarm.

7. By what is he troubled?
(a) Ditching his friends.
(b) The concept of death.
(c) This first date with Kathleen.
(d) Kathleen's ability to forget her first date.

8. Eventually, what does the protagonist come to realize?
(a) The stranger is very odd.
(b) The stranger is just like him.
(c) The stranger wants to push him in the water.
(d) It is safe to speak to the stranger.

9. What happens as Kathleen and her boyfriend attempt to eat a hamburger?
(a) She does not let him have any of it.
(b) He finds himself disgusted by the smell of the meat.
(c) He eats the entire thing.
(d) She finds herself disgusted by the smell of the meat.

10. With what does he grapple?
(a) His desire to tell the police not to come.
(b) His desire to end the war he has just begun.
(c) His urge to turn off the alarm, yet keep it ringing.
(d) His urge to end his life while simultaneously recovering from a near-death experience.

11. What does the protagonist vow?
(a) Each time he feels the cold he will remember his grandmother's ashes.
(b) Each time he feels the cold he will remember his grandmother's comforting message.
(c) He will pray to God in his grandmother's memory.
(d) He will not forget his grandmother's words.

12. Why does he tell her he does not want to talk about himself?
(a) He is shy.
(b) He is embarrassed to be the center of attention.
(c) He wants to first know about her.
(d) If he did she would only hate him.

13. What happens moments later?
(a) The protagonist invites Kathleen to dinner.
(b) The protagonist and Kathleen are walking along the Seine together.
(c) The protagonist is hit by a cab.
(d) The protagonist and Kathleen say goodbye to each other.

14. When is the protagonist's silent reverie broken?
(a) When a loud noise is heard.
(b) Kathleen tells him she is getting cold.
(c) When Kathleen kisses him.
(d) When the story in his mind ends.

15. What does the protagonist do when Kathleen attempts to start a conversation?
(a) He listens to her.
(b) He stops her.
(c) He cuts her off.
(d) He joins in the conversation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the protagonist suddenly feel a strong desire to do?

2. What is the original French title of the book?

3. Despite the efforts of his girlfriend and others, what does the main character find himself doing?

4. What does he tell the nurse that he wants an injection to take away?

5. What has happened to this person at the box office?

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