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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Shimon convince the protagonist to do?
(a) Go home.
(b) Go in his stead.
(c) Accompany him.
(d) Date Halina.

2. Why does he feel this way when he eats the hamburger?
(a) He is so hungry.
(b) It reminds him of his childhood.
(c) It reminds him of a much earlier time.
(d) It is so delicious.

3. What does the protagonist suddenly feel a strong desire to do?
(a) Die.
(b) Tell the doctor the story of his grandmother.
(c) Go home.
(d) See his grandmother.

4. What is before them?
(a) The movie screen.
(b) Central Park.
(c) Two cups.
(d) The hamburgers.

5. Why does the protagonist steal some money?
(a) He needs to pay his bills.
(b) He is greedy.
(c) He wants to give money to his father.
(d) To give to a small orphan boy.

6. What happens as Kathleen and her boyfriend attempt to eat a hamburger?
(a) He eats the entire thing.
(b) He finds himself disgusted by the smell of the meat.
(c) She does not let him have any of it.
(d) She finds herself disgusted by the smell of the meat.

7. Why does Halina do this?
(a) She does not want to bother Kathleen on her date.
(b) She wants to say hello to Kathleen.
(c) She does not like Kathleen.
(d) To introduce Kathleen to the protagonist.

8. What does the protagonist remember just as the doctor tells him that "she" is waiting outside?
(a) His teacher's words.
(b) His friend's hug.
(c) Her hot tears running down his arms.
(d) The look on his father's face.

9. By what is he troubled?
(a) This first date with Kathleen.
(b) Kathleen's ability to forget her first date.
(c) The concept of death.
(d) Ditching his friends.

10. What feels like fire?
(a) His head.
(b) Hsi hands.
(c) His throat.
(d) Medicine running through his veins.

11. What does the protagonist remember about his first evening with Kathleen?
(a) They are eating hamburgers.
(b) They are walking through New York City.
(c) They are seated in a movie theatre.
(d) They are seated in her home in Paris.

12. What does the grandmother say when the young boy asks when God dies?
(a) God has already died.
(b) God does not die.
(c) God dies in all of us.
(d) God will send his Son to die for us.

13. What does his grandma tell him the presence of God will do?
(a) Keep them warm in the grave.
(b) Comfort him.
(c) Fight off evil.
(d) Be with her always.

14. What is Kathleen determined to see?
(a) The city skyline.
(b) Her family.
(c) The Brothers Karamazov.
(d) The protagonist eat a meal.

15. What causes him to think about his grandmother in this way?
(a) The small closet by his bed.
(b) The darkness of his room.
(c) He believes he will die soon.
(d) When the doctor tells him he is thirsty due a fever from an infection.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does he want to do?

2. What is he unable to explain to his father about the stolen money?

3. With whom is the protagonist?

4. What does the nurse give the patient?

5. What is happening in his memory of the concentration camp?

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