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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Eventually, what does the protagonist come to realize?
(a) The stranger is just like him.
(b) The stranger wants to push him in the water.
(c) The stranger is very odd.
(d) It is safe to speak to the stranger.

2. What is the original French title of the book?
(a) "Le Soir (Evening)."
(b) "La Nuit (Night)."
(c) "Le Jour (Day)."
(d) "L'Accident (Accident)."

3. What does the protagonist do when Kathleen attempts to start a conversation?
(a) He stops her.
(b) He joins in the conversation.
(c) He cuts her off.
(d) He listens to her.

4. What memory does this trigger?
(a) A day spent with his grandmother.
(b) His bar mitzvah.
(c) A school day many years before.
(d) A voyage he took to South America after the war.

5. Why does the protagonist have to go to another hospital?
(a) He does not like the first hospital.
(b) His insurance is not accepted by the first hospital.
(c) The first one believes he cannot be saved.
(d) The first hospital's staff tells him they have no room.

6. How are strangers like stars?
(a) They are not committed to you.
(b) There are many of them.
(c) They will guide you.
(d) The are famous.

7. What happens as Kathleen and her boyfriend attempt to eat a hamburger?
(a) She does not let him have any of it.
(b) She finds herself disgusted by the smell of the meat.
(c) He eats the entire thing.
(d) He finds himself disgusted by the smell of the meat.

8. He notices the passersby, and what does he remark to himself?
(a) How he wishes he could be so content.
(b) How beautiful they are.
(c) Where they are all headed.
(d) How haggard everybody looks.

9. With what does he grapple?
(a) His urge to end his life while simultaneously recovering from a near-death experience.
(b) His desire to tell the police not to come.
(c) His desire to end the war he has just begun.
(d) His urge to turn off the alarm, yet keep it ringing.

10. What happens while the protagonist is standing at an intersection?
(a) He is shot in a drive-by shooting.
(b) A cab plows into him and drags him several feet.
(c) He jumps in front of a cab.
(d) He hails a cab.

11. How does the man in the concentration camp try to justify his actions?
(a) There was nothing else to eat.
(b) Says that the person he ate was already dead.
(c) He will share.
(d) He likes meat.

12. How does the stranger surprise him?
(a) "You must know this. I think I am going to hate you."
(b) "You are the best man I have ever met."
(c) "You are a saint."
(d) "You are the saddest person I have ever known."

13. With whom is the protagonist?
(a) His mother.
(b) His father.
(c) His friend, Shimon Yanai.
(d) His girlfriend, Kathleen.

14. How does this section begin?
(a) On a cold and windy Paris night.
(b) On a warm, still night in New York.
(c) On a cold and snowy day in London.
(d) On a cool fall Chicago night.

15. What does the protagonist vow?
(a) Each time he feels the cold he will remember his grandmother's ashes.
(b) Each time he feels the cold he will remember his grandmother's comforting message.
(c) He will pray to God in his grandmother's memory.
(d) He will not forget his grandmother's words.

Short Answer Questions

1. After he awakens, to what does he find himself attached?

2. Why does Kathleen convince him to do this?

3. What does he tell the nurse that he wants an injection to take away?

4. What do the two of them do without talking?

5. When does the protagonist realize it is not his grandmother waiting for him?

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