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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is this woman doing?
(a) Sitting on a bench.
(b) Talking on a pay phone.
(c) Waiting in line to see a movie.
(d) Kathleen is on a date.

2. What memory does this trigger?
(a) A school day many years before.
(b) A day spent with his grandmother.
(c) A voyage he took to South America after the war.
(d) His bar mitzvah.

3. What causes him to think about his grandmother in this way?
(a) When the doctor tells him he is thirsty due a fever from an infection.
(b) The small closet by his bed.
(c) He believes he will die soon.
(d) The darkness of his room.

4. Into what does he see his grandmother crammed?
(a) A grave.
(b) A too-tight space with too many other bodies.
(c) A closet.
(d) A coffin.

5. What is happening in his memory of the concentration camp?
(a) The Nazis are taunting him with food.
(b) A man is eating a large chunk of raw meat.
(c) A man gives him his dinner.
(d) The Nazis are eating a delicious steak dinner.

6. The main character is _______________ whose own experiences during the holocaust have left him, like many others, with a strong sense of despair and self-loathing.
(a) A scientist.
(b) A journalist.
(c) A teacher.
(d) An engineer.

7. When does Halina stop him?
(a) Just as she notices another woman.
(b) Just before he crosses the street.
(c) Just as he is walking into a restaurant.
(d) Just as he hails a cab.

8. What happens moments later?
(a) The protagonist and Kathleen say goodbye to each other.
(b) The protagonist invites Kathleen to dinner.
(c) The protagonist is hit by a cab.
(d) The protagonist and Kathleen are walking along the Seine together.

9. What is the original French title of the book?
(a) "Le Soir (Evening)."
(b) "La Nuit (Night)."
(c) "Le Jour (Day)."
(d) "L'Accident (Accident)."

10. Some time later, what does the protagonist recall for what the same man is pleading?
(a) A new hamburger.
(b) His life with the people who share his barracks.
(c) Another meal.
(d) A chance to serve in a restaurant.

11. Eventually, what does the protagonist come to realize?
(a) The stranger is very odd.
(b) It is safe to speak to the stranger.
(c) The stranger is just like him.
(d) The stranger wants to push him in the water.

12. What is THE ACCIDENT?
(a) The story of a businessman and his corrupt business deal.
(b) The story of a Holocaust survivor struggling to adjust to life after World War II.
(c) The story of a war that took place due to a communication error.
(d) The story of a famous train wreck in the United States.

13. What does the stranger standing next to him in the dark do?
(a) Push him on the swing.
(b) Starts a conversation.
(c) Push him in the water.
(d) Ask him to dance.

14. What should one not look at too long?
(a) Their souls.
(b) Their friends.
(c) The sea.
(d) The dark.

15. Who holds the protagonist and sobs in his memory?
(a) His teacher.
(b) His grandmother.
(c) His mother.
(d) His friend.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does she ask him to tell her about himself?

2. What does he want to do?

3. Why does the protagonist steal some money?

4. What horrifies the boy?

5. What does his grandma tell him the presence of God will do?

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